When Your Soul is Telling You to Awaken

Have you ever wondered why your life is the way it is? Have you achieved a lot of goals yet still feel unfulfilled? Do you have a pattern that keeps recurring despite all your best efforts to resolve it?

Problems, dissatisfaction, even frustration, anger and despair are your soul’s way of telling you to listen to your heart and walk a new path, this may be in just one area of your life, or it could encompass multiple areas.

What we do a lot of the time is use force to try to change what we don’t want. We do this through our will, by insisting that we have to earn a certain income, live in a specific area, be in a relationship and so on, and then when what we want doesn’t manifest we complain, blame and to try to control. Sometimes we visualise, affirm and apply the law of attraction to manifest our desires. If you’ve done this you’ll know that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

Your heart is always the compass for your soul

Every time you make a choice from the heart you are following your soul. Your soul guides you to the choices and lifestyle that will make your happiest.

During my thirties, I took on the job of setting up and managing a financial advisory business for women. At that time this was quite revolutionary as women weren’t able to get home loans easily, many older women whose husbands had died, didn’t know a thing about their money, even how to write a cheque, so a lot of my work revolved around educating women, as well as selling investment products. Despite having a very large media profile I didn’t make a lot of money from commissions, the area that flowed for me was writing, speaking and teaching. When I was offered a column in a women’s magazine my employer insisted our publicist write the article, which the magazine turned down. Secretly I was glad about this as I didn’t want someone else writing under my name and I that’s when I decided then I wanted my own column. I visualised my name at the top of a column and told any journalists I came in contact with I was interested in writing a regular column, before long I was offered my first column and ended up writing columns for four different publications. My intention in writing these columns was to increase my business but I didn’t make that much from them, what I learnt was that I loved writing, and by observing the journalists who edited my work I learnt a lot.

When I decided to write a book I wrote letters to several publishers and three publishers responded, even though all I had was a concept and no great writing skills.

When I decided to become a professional speaker, out of the blue I was offered paid speaking roles, so I took some classes with a speech and drama teacher as I knew I wasn’t at that level.

When I decided to conduct my first public course Financially Free, I advertised a free introductory talk and told the participants that I had never run a course before so I was only charging $20 a week and they could drop out at any time. Half of the people attending the free introductory talk enrolled in the course and I finished with more people in my class than I began.

Many times over the following years I questioned how I could be so successful in some areas and not in others. For many years my cash flow was erratic. I now understand that when I was on the path of writing, teaching and speaking, money flowed, whereas when I allowed my mind to rule and looked for ways to increase my income, my cash flow diminished.

I now see clearly that life told me that my work at the Financial Woman was just a stepping stone, a way for me to gain valuable skills, experience and a profile that would help me in my life’s work, but it was not what I came into this world to do. I feel as if I was born to teach life skills and whenever I stray from that path, then life doesn’t flow as well.

Our stories do not keep us safe

What prevents us from stepping into the life we are born to live is our story. Our stories are what we tell others, and ourselves, about why our life is the way it is. It is the conversation that we repeatedly have with a friend about something that irritates us, or a problem we are experiencing. Our story is such a familiar part of our everyday lives that most of the time we cannot see how it is running our lives as our stories become self-fulfilling prophecies because we place so much attention on them.

Our stories have no power, it is the emotions associated with our stories that influence the quality of our life. The tougher the challenges we face, the more likely we are to get stuck in our stories. When my business and life were at its peak, which was after I wrote Love the Life You Live, my teenage daughter experienced major depression and was very suicidal. Living with all of the associated problems that resulted from her depression took me off my path and I became stuck in my story. It took being kicked out a spiritual retreat in Sedona for me to become aware and surrender. And as I asked for guidance on what to do I received insights and inspiration that led to the development of the personality archetypes I teach, this not only helped me in my relationship with my daughter, they became an invaluable tool in the work I teach.

Imagine you are given a road map, you know where to start and you know your destination, the map gives you directions as to how to get there.  If you don’t follow the map, or if you decide to explore different routes along the way, then it may take you longer to arrive at your destination, or you may get lost.  Your needs are the map for the choices that will make you happiest.

As you move in the direction of your greatest need your actions often trigger your greatest fears.  Your fears represent the aspects of yourself that would serve you to let go of.  For every fear there is a gift, so when you act on your strengths you not only bring your gifts to the world, you release your fears.

When you trust your heart you can apply the law of attraction to your life with 100% confidence that the right people and opportunities will come into your life to support you. If what you are doing doesn’t work, then reassess. Ask yourself, is this what you really want, or is the way you think you can have what you want? Your heart knows the path in life that is the easiest, and it is the one that will make you the happiest and allow you to grow into the best person you can be. Trust it.


Defining moments

Defining moments are those times in life when a shift occurs that changes the direction of your life, and one of my most memorable defining moments occurred for me on 6 September 1997. That day began under a cloak of sadness. Princess Diana, who was so loved around the world, was to be buried that day, and I learnt that Mother Theresa, had quietly passed from this world to the next.

For me though that day started with the hope that I was finally going to get some direction that would get my life back on track. It ended full of joy after attending my first Wayne Dyer seminar entitled Manifest Your Destiny. I had read a couple of Wayne’s books but up until that day I had never been to a live event. I was fortunate though to attend many of Wayne’s talks after this before his passing.

Up until that time in my life most people would have described me as successful, I had owned a successful business, been a best-selling author, professional speaker and regularly featured in the media but that was in the past. I was stuck in a rough patch. I had lost money in business and I was struggling financially even working part-time as a bookkeeper just to make ends meet, which was a real blow to  my self esteem. I didn’t know who I was. What I believed in. Or, even what I wanted. I had reached an all-time low in my life.

Wayne Dyer walked on the stage and asked for a minute’s silence to remember Princess Diana and Mother Theresa. I sent up a silent prayer, asking for direction and peace. My prayer was answered.

One of my strongest memories of that day was Wayne standing on stage and asking us to imagine an invisible line. On one side of that line was happiness, love and everything we wanted and on the other side was everything we didn’t want. Throughout the day as he wanted to emphasise a particular point Wayne would step to either side of the line. One story that has stuck with me is when Wayne talked about buying things we thought were ugly. He said, “Imagine walking into a store and seeing an ugly rug and saying ‘that’s the ugliest rug I’ve ever seen’’, I’ll have one’.  He explained that’s what we do over and over again when we choose to dwell on the things we don’t want in our lives.

There is intellectual knowledge and there is heart knowledge. I had read all the books, even taught some of the principles that Wayne taught that day, but it hadn’t seeped through to my heart, the level at which we accept something whole-heartedly as I did that day. Sometimes we just need to get to a low point so that we can really listen and understand the guidance that is all around us.

When we live from the mind we often have one foot in either camp, just in case we are wrong. We may act as if we believe sometimes, then we talk to friends and allow doubt to seep in and we step back over the line. We say we want one thing, but we don’t do anything to make our dreams a reality. Every time we procrastinate, doubt ourselves, complain or talk about our problems we buy the ugly rug.

What I learnt that day is to create a life you love takes 100% commitment. You need to choose who is in charge of your life, is it you or is it the people around you? Are you going to allow someone else’s opinion to be in charge of your life? Are you going to allow fear and doubt to rule? All you have to do is ask yourself where those choices are taking you.

To experience the massive shift that I did that day you need to trust your heart, to step into the unknown knowing that life is always on your side and wants you to have your heart’s desires. You need to act as if you trust even when you don’t know how.

I walked out of that seminar inspired, ordered the audio series and listened to it every single day, acting on everything I learnt from the seminar and implementing some of my own strategies as well. I did the meditation Wayne recommended every day. In the 12 months following that seminar I quadrupled my income without even trying. It started when I received a call from a complete stranger asking me if I would be interested in writing a book for his client. Writing books on money was easy for me so I accepted. When I told my accountant how this opportunity had turned up out of the blue he mentioned a client who was doing something similar and looking for some help, he asked if he could pass my contact details to him. His client called me and I wrote two books for him as well. A couple of months later I was in a local shopping centre when I ran into the publicist who, who had done the publicity for my books when she worked for Random House, following that meeting and unknown to me, she put my name forward and they contacted me about adapting Susie Orman’s books on money for the Australian market.

That work, while enjoyable, wasn’t what I wanted to do long term, tit was a stepping stone that supported me to let go of self-doubt.

Nine months after that seminar I started working as a life coach. A year after that I started my life coach training school. Since that time I’ve discovered a love of writing courses. I feel as if I was born to teach. None of this would have happened if I had continued to listen to my self doubt. I needed to listen to and trust my heart. And the biggest lesson I discovered is that your heart will never lead you astray.

Wayne Dyers’s Meditations for Manifesting was one I listened to daily during this time you can find it on YouTube.