Power Vs Force

If you are making a cake you need certain ingredients. Without them the cake wouldn’t look or taste any good. To discover your life purpose you need hope, faith, trust and a compelling reason. If just one of these power ingredients is missing you can struggle. For instance if you have just hope, faith and trust you may achieve your dreams only to find that your life has no meaning. You may have a compelling reason but if you don’t support that reason with hope, faith and trust you won’t go far.

Never before has there been so much information available on the law of attraction, mind powers, quantum physics and this information is all good and valid, but without faith, willpower can only take you so far. This is the difference between making it happen and letting it happen. Making it happen is all about willpower, it is about using your energy and actions to force an outcome that you desire. Sometimes you will succeed but force of any kind doesn’t necessarily lead to happiness and it’s a stressful way to live.

Letting it happen is similar to letting go. It means that you ask for what you want, prepare for it, take regular action then get on with life.

Power Vs Force

Your goal does not consume all of your attention and you are able to live a balanced life. It also allows you to accept that there is something better for you if you are unable to achieve that particular goal. It enables you to trust that you will be guided and supported by a force larger than yourself.

When you let it happen you never abdicate responsibility, you always do your part, however, you allow the Universe to work through you. This is the pathway that leads to success and joy.