When Your Soul is Telling You to Awaken

Have you ever wondered why your life is the way it is? Have you achieved a lot of goals yet still feel unfulfilled? Do you have a pattern that keeps recurring despite all your best efforts to resolve it?

Problems, dissatisfaction, even frustration, anger and despair are your soul’s way of telling you to listen to your heart and walk a new path, this may be in just one area of your life, or it could encompass multiple areas.

What we do a lot of the time is use force to try to change what we don’t want. We do this through our will, by insisting that we have to earn a certain income, live in a specific area, be in a relationship and so on, and then when what we want doesn’t manifest we complain, blame and to try to control. Sometimes we visualise, affirm and apply the law of attraction to manifest our desires. If you’ve done this you’ll know that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

Your heart is always the compass for your soul

Every time you make a choice from the heart you are following your soul. Your soul guides you to the choices and lifestyle that will make your happiest.

During my thirties, I took on the job of setting up and managing a financial advisory business for women. At that time this was quite revolutionary as women weren’t able to get home loans easily, many older women whose husbands had died, didn’t know a thing about their money, even how to write a cheque, so a lot of my work revolved around educating women, as well as selling investment products. Despite having a very large media profile I didn’t make a lot of money from commissions, the area that flowed for me was writing, speaking and teaching. When I was offered a column in a women’s magazine my employer insisted our publicist write the article, which the magazine turned down. Secretly I was glad about this as I didn’t want someone else writing under my name and I that’s when I decided then I wanted my own column. I visualised my name at the top of a column and told any journalists I came in contact with I was interested in writing a regular column, before long I was offered my first column and ended up writing columns for four different publications. My intention in writing these columns was to increase my business but I didn’t make that much from them, what I learnt was that I loved writing, and by observing the journalists who edited my work I learnt a lot.

When I decided to write a book I wrote letters to several publishers and three publishers responded, even though all I had was a concept and no great writing skills.

When I decided to become a professional speaker, out of the blue I was offered paid speaking roles, so I took some classes with a speech and drama teacher as I knew I wasn’t at that level.

When I decided to conduct my first public course Financially Free, I advertised a free introductory talk and told the participants that I had never run a course before so I was only charging $20 a week and they could drop out at any time. Half of the people attending the free introductory talk enrolled in the course and I finished with more people in my class than I began.

Many times over the following years I questioned how I could be so successful in some areas and not in others. For many years my cash flow was erratic. I now understand that when I was on the path of writing, teaching and speaking, money flowed, whereas when I allowed my mind to rule and looked for ways to increase my income, my cash flow diminished.

I now see clearly that life told me that my work at the Financial Woman was just a stepping stone, a way for me to gain valuable skills, experience and a profile that would help me in my life’s work, but it was not what I came into this world to do. I feel as if I was born to teach life skills and whenever I stray from that path, then life doesn’t flow as well.

Our stories do not keep us safe

What prevents us from stepping into the life we are born to live is our story. Our stories are what we tell others, and ourselves, about why our life is the way it is. It is the conversation that we repeatedly have with a friend about something that irritates us, or a problem we are experiencing. Our story is such a familiar part of our everyday lives that most of the time we cannot see how it is running our lives as our stories become self-fulfilling prophecies because we place so much attention on them.

Our stories have no power, it is the emotions associated with our stories that influence the quality of our life. The tougher the challenges we face, the more likely we are to get stuck in our stories. When my business and life were at its peak, which was after I wrote Love the Life You Live, my teenage daughter experienced major depression and was very suicidal. Living with all of the associated problems that resulted from her depression took me off my path and I became stuck in my story. It took being kicked out a spiritual retreat in Sedona for me to become aware and surrender. And as I asked for guidance on what to do I received insights and inspiration that led to the development of the personality archetypes I teach, this not only helped me in my relationship with my daughter, they became an invaluable tool in the work I teach.

Imagine you are given a road map, you know where to start and you know your destination, the map gives you directions as to how to get there.  If you don’t follow the map, or if you decide to explore different routes along the way, then it may take you longer to arrive at your destination, or you may get lost.  Your needs are the map for the choices that will make you happiest.

As you move in the direction of your greatest need your actions often trigger your greatest fears.  Your fears represent the aspects of yourself that would serve you to let go of.  For every fear there is a gift, so when you act on your strengths you not only bring your gifts to the world, you release your fears.

When you trust your heart you can apply the law of attraction to your life with 100% confidence that the right people and opportunities will come into your life to support you. If what you are doing doesn’t work, then reassess. Ask yourself, is this what you really want, or is the way you think you can have what you want? Your heart knows the path in life that is the easiest, and it is the one that will make you the happiest and allow you to grow into the best person you can be. Trust it.


How Positive Thinking Helped me Become a Best-Selling Author

When I was 22 a friend at work lent me the book The Power of Positive Thinking, it changed my life and from that day forward I applied the principles of positive thinking to most areas of my life.

I have always loved to read and I usually read two or three at the one time, so for me it seemed only natural to dream of writing a book one day. With the exception of my mother, no-one else thought I had any talent. They were right—I didn’t.

From a young age I submitted the occasional story to magazines, only to receive rejection after rejection, then one day at work I happened to tell my boss that I wanted to write, he said I could start by compiling the office procedures manual. Now that wasn’t quite what I had in mind but I saw it as an opportunity so I put a great deal of effort into the task, and waited anxiously for his feedback. He took a while to come back to me and when he did he, ‘Anne, forget about writing!’

Now one of my strengths is that I don’t get put off by other people’s opinions. I wasn’t prepared to give up my dream and although I knew I didn’t have any great talent as a writer, I felt I could learn.

My career progressed and I was appointed manager of a women’s financial planning business. I was asked by a major magazine to write a column for them, but my employer refused to let me write it, instead my firm had their public relations person write it under my name. I was delighted when the magazine turned the column down and I started getting serious about writing a column myself.

Applying the principles of positive thinking a couple of times a day, just for a few seconds, I would visualise my photo and name at the top of a column. As I was often contacted by the media for comments on financial matters I started telling every journalist I came in contact with that I wanted to write a column. One day a freelance journalist rang and said, “Cleo magazine is looking for a financial columnist, I mentioned you and they would like you to submit something.” I did, and they offered me a monthly column.

Now I still didn’t have any great talent, but I was known in the industry and I had expertise in money and investments. The magazine obviously decided this was enough and their editor refined the articles I submitted to make them more reader friendly. Each month I would take the column I had written and check it word-for-word against the edited version that appeared in the magazine. As I took note of the changes the editor made my writing style improved and within six months I was writing for two major magazines and two local newspapers.

When a leading magazine editor of Australia’s best-selling magazine, The Women’s Weekly, said I was a very good writer and that I wrote like a journalist, I nearly floated out of her office I felt so happy. I knew it was time to write my book.

I took one day a week away from the office to devote to my book. The first day I sat at my desk and said to myself, “How on earth do you write a book?” It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. After several hours of pondering this question I went to my bookshelf and took out several books from my favourite authors and studied their style. The ones I liked best wrote in a very conversational style and that’s what I did, I imagined myself talking to a client and wrote down what I would say.

When I had a rough manuscript I sent it off to several publishers and it was accepted. I didn’t know you weren’t supposed to do this and I didn’t know that very few people get accepted. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. My book was accepted by Doubleday and my publisher Rex Finch appointed two wonderful editors to work with me. Those editors taught me how to structure a book, how to rephrase a sentence. It took me three years and countless rewrites to complete that book, Financially Free, which went on to become a runaway best seller, and while that book is now out of print, copies are still regularly sold on Ebay, 25 years after publication.

Since that time I have written six books, ghost written three books, and adapted two of Suze Orman’s books for the Australian market. I now write a weekly blog.

In the book Outliers Malcolm Gladwell refers to the 10,000 hour rule. In study after study of writers, chess masters, musicians, sports people and even master criminals they found that that while some people have innate talent, that wasn’t enough to make them successful. True mastery was achieved on average after 10,000 hours of practice, and anyone with the will to put in the work can attain a high level of mastery.

That’s the power of a dream coupled with positive thinking and the will to do the work. Never let anyone tell you it can’t be done when you know in your heart it can.