Creating a Successful Business Course

You’ve gained your qualification. You’re excited about sharing what you have learnt.

Now it’s time to launch your business, and for many, this is when fear sets in.

Starting a business and being able to support yourself from that business takes more than just qualifications, it requires knowledge of marketing, promotion, taxation, record keeping, insurance requirements, courage and a plan to support you to move through your fears.

Most marketing courses cover the theory of marketing; this course is different.

During the course you will be working on your business and developing your plan week by week, that is why it’s best to do this course once you are ready to launch your business.

Who this course is for

Start a Business course is designed for people who want to work in a service-oriented business such as life coaches, meditation teachers and mindfulness trainers/coaches. You do not need to have trained with us.

Starting A Business Course

Anne Hartley has a long history of business success

Starting a business is conducted by Anne Hartley who has a long history of starting diverse businesses from scratch.

Anne’s first venture into business was when she launched a typing service, working from her kitchen table when her children were small. At that time she had no idea of what records she had to keep, tax requirements or even how to market a business. Fortunately for Anne, her first business was successful, and she went on to start some businesses which she later sold for a profit.

Anne’s business included: a manufacturing business which made garden accessories, a recruitment business, a couple of medical typing services, a financial planning business, a magazine, a life coaching business and Hart Life Coaching, an accredited training school that trains life coaches and meditation teachers.

Over the years Anne has learnt what works and what doesn’t. Her businesses have spanned 40 years, and she has seen a dramatic shift in how to market a business during that time.

How the course is conducted

The course is held by webinar, held at night, over four sessions. Each night we will work on supporting you to maintain a positive mindset as well as practical applications. Some of the areas we will be covering include:

  • Connecting your heart and your mind with your intention
  • What does your ideal business look like?
  • Ways to market your business
  • Practicalities: tax, insurance, record keeping, ABN
  • Creating your support network

We are holding this course in February 2019. 

Start a Business Course Cost $295 full fee