Course: Personality Archetypes

Whenever I face something challenging I ask questions and I always receive an answer. At one time I was asking how to accept something I found unacceptable when I started having insights into different personality types. I received my answer and a whole new understanding of why different people act the way they do. I developed the 9 personality archetypes over a year and have found them to be uncannily accurate.

I discovered that our personality contains a map for our soul which tells us what our core needs are, what is likely to challenge us, the gifts we have to share and the strengths we need to develop. Understanding ourselves makes our own life easier, understanding others improves relationships.

I hope you will join me on this course, it’s a fascinating subject.

Anne Hartley

The Nine Personality Archetypes

There are nine personality archetypes of which we each have three.

Life would be so much easier if we had just one archetype, but as we have three it is the interaction of these archetypes, combined with the conditioning we have been subjected to that makes our personality unique.

During this 5 week course you will learn about the different archetypes, how they interact with each other and how to effectively communicate with different personalities. You will also learn about careers that suit different personalities, how to develop your strengths as a way of overcoming fears and how sharing your gifts can enrich your life.

No one archetype or combination of archetypes is any better than another, although we may find some personalities more challenging to deal with than others.

Personality Archetypes is a course you can do for your own interest. It also forms part of our life coach training course. Or, you can combine it with coaching skills course to become a personality coach.
Understanding ourselves and others enables us to:

Understand our motivation
Our communication style
Our way of learning
Know what makes us happy
Put the right person in the right job
Understand our life challenges and what to do about them

Course: Personality Archetypes

part of our life coach training course

This course is open to anyone who wants to understand themselves and understand others.

Your archetypes show you: what you need to be happy, the best way for you to overcome fear, manage values conflicts, understand work best suited to you, and the gifts you have to share.

By understanding others you’ll learn how to communicate more effectively with different personality types.

Course: Personality Coaching

Personality coaching enables a coach to really understand their client and assist them to move forward much faster than they would with traditional coaching.

It is not something that is done as a separate style of coaching, it needs to be incorporated into a coaching session to enable you to go deeper than you might normally go.

This is a tool that is ideal for anyone managing staff.

One of our graduates, who worked in HR, trained her line managers to understand their staff’s archetypes so they could put the right people in the right job.

When you understand what motivates an individual you are then able to work them to better achieve a mutually desirable outcome.

Parents can assist their children to manage stress and make wiser career choices by understanding what really makes them happy.

Our natural personality preferences never change. Understanding yourself and others makes life so much easier.

At one time we had a lot of upheaval in my workplace and there was a lot of politics being played by certain parties. By understanding archetypes I was able to make changes to the way I communicated and especially who I put into certain roles. My workplace has entirely changed and has been that way for at least five years now. I’ve been able to place the right people in the right jobs. There are no politics in our office, and our staff all work together as a team. Customers and clients often comment on how great our staff is. All of this came about since I gained a better understanding myself and the people who work with me.

Lisa Hartley

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