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Certified Mindfulness Teacher Training

Our internationally certified mindfulness training empowers you to live your life mindfully, and teach others how to bring meaning to their lives.

We offer several payment plans, and the course is conducted via distance learning, with full support from our staff.

Whether you’re looking to improve your career skill set, or to improve your well-being, the course is fully adaptable to your time and schedule.

In our busy lives filled with distractions, bad news and conflicts, mindfulness can bring a genuine change.

Mindfulness is not only a form of meditation, it’s also a new and empowering mindset.  Living in the present moment, fully aware, without judgements but filled with acceptance and loving-kindness has the power to de-stress, and transform your emotional well-being.

Our Certified Mindfulness Training empowers you to nurture a mindfulness mindset and we combine this with practical skills so you can assist others to start living mindfully. Whether you’re interested in self-improvement,  meditation, life coaching or running a business, mindfulness is essential to aid you, and your clients thrive. Our course is accredited by the International Mindfulness and Meditation Alliance (IMMA)  and approved by the International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT).

At the end of the mindfulness course, you’ll have the knowledge, skills and tools to teach your classes, utilise mindfulness in your workplace and work with groups or individuals as certified mindfulness teacher.

International Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher Alliance Accredited Course, Approved training provider for complimentary therapists

Who can Benefit from Certified Mindfulness and Teacher Training


Medical professionals and psychologists

Complementary therapists

Life coaches

Business owners


Ordinary people looking to improve their wellbeing

The Demand for Mindfulness Teachers

The Time magazine states we are living in The Mindful Revolution. People from all walks of life realise how simple everyday activities can become a source of powerful mindset transformation.

Mindfulness training doesn’t require any special tools, complicated procedures or even a huge time commitment to yield noticeable results. This is the reason why people want it.

Starting with the US Marines to schools, elderly care and workplaces, mindfulness is becoming adopted as a go-to method for enhancing personal and professional well being. Our former students are conducting mindfulness and meditation courses in prisons, schools and elderly care homes.

Businesses, from Commonwealth Bank Australia to Intel, Google and the small companies adopted the mindfulness-based leadership programs and are nurturing mindful workplaces.

The latest trends in counselling and psychotherapy also confirm the never before seen demand for mindfulness education.

Mindfulness course Forest bathing

The Scientifically Proven Benefits of Mindfulness

Mindfulness course and certified mindfulness teacher training illustration

Constant high stress leads to health issues, anxiety and depression. The need for a solution to this epidemic led a growing number of scientists to investigate the benefits of mindfulness, which now provides as a science-backed answer that can improve every areas of our lives.

Higher stress resilience

Mindful living doesn’t only help to deal with immediate stress, it also increases our resilience.

High-intensity negative emotions

Practising mindfulness builds coping skills needed for overcoming intense negative feelings.

Better pain management

The ability to manage chronic pain is significantly higher in people who practise mindfulness and meditation, than in those who don’t.

Improved sleep quality

Mindfulness techniques can help improve insomnia issues dramatically, without the need for addictive medications or expensive treatments.

Greater attention

The ability to focus on what is happening, right here right, now amidst a hectic life is one of the top benefits that results from mindfulness training.

Improved work engagement, efficiency and work performance

A large body of research confirms that workers and leaders who have trained in mindfulness perform better at their jobs and feel better while doing it.

A higher sense of personal happiness

Mindfulness provides simple, accessible and powerful tools for being happy.

Mindfulness Teacher Certification Course Curriculum

Unit 1:Mindfulness and mindful meditation

You’ll learn the basics of mindfulness meditation, mindful living and mindfulness practice in everyday life.

Unit 2: The science behind mindfulness

In the second unit, we look at how mindfulness can transform our brain to enhance the stress response and promote calmness.

Unit 3: Mindfulness, pain management and resilience

The third unit focuses on how accepting pain, instead of fighting it, can help people with chronic issues. We also look at resilience and how mindfulness assists us to bounce back after difficult times.

Unit 4: Forest bathing

Shinrin-yoku, known in the west as forest bathing or nature connection, is about spending time practising mindfulness amongst trees, is the primary focus of Unit 9. Trees boost our immune system and increases wellbeing.

Unit 5: Cultivating acceptance, compassion and gratitude

Values transform our lives, and for this course, we have chosen to focus on the values of acceptance, compassion, and gratitude.

Unit 6: Mindful communication

In Unit 6 we learn about authentic communication, mindful listening, and genuinely connecting with others.

Unit 7: Mindfulness and money

Unit 7 centres on learning how we can recognise habits that prevent us from being as happy, and as rich, as we can be.

Unit 8: Mindful eating

We look at how to eat mindfully, listen to the body signals about hunger and be fully aware of the food we eat.

Unit 9: Mindfulness for parents, children and teens

Unit 9 focuses on mindful parenting strategies. Mindful parenting is about being present in our children’s lives and about being a positive role model by the way we live our lives.

Unit 10: Overcoming obstacles to mindfulness

We’ll focus on practical skills to help people overcome obstacles to living mindfully.

Unit 11: Mindful coaching

Mindful coaching is about co-creating the relationship with a client and incorporating mindfulness in a coaching session to support the client through the process of change.

Unit 12: Mindfulness strategies

We provide you with a range of practical exercises to assist others live mindfully and help others embrace mindfulness.

What You Get with our Certified Mindfulness Teacher Course

A fun and engaging learning process founded on two decades of teaching and coaching

Online access to course workbook and resource materials

Flexible, self-paced paced online mindfulness course

Full individual support

All-inclusive payment plans

Mindfulness Training Certification Options

Certificate in Mindfulness

Mindfulness Teacher Certificate

To gain our Certificate in Mindfulness, you need to complete the 12-Unit course via distance learning.

At the end of the course, you’ll have the skills, knowledge and tools to incorporate mindfulness into your personal and professional life.

To gain our Certified Mindfulness Teacher accreditation, which is accredited by the International Mindfulness and Meditation Alliance, you complete the certificate in mindfulness, then do additional training in presentation skills and be supervised presenting. This course can be attended via webinar or a weekend workshop, currently held in Sydney. Teachers and trainers can apply for Recognition of prior learning for this segment of the course. Please email us for more information.

At the end of the mindfulness course, you’ll have the knowledge, skills and tools to teach classes and work with groups or individuals as certified mindfulness teacher.

Certified Mindfulness Course Payment Options

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Certificate in Mindfulness

Best Value: $1190 AUD (full fee)

Or choose to pay monthly:
4 monthly installments of $307.50 AUD.

Mindfulness Teacher Certificate

Best Value: $1590 AUD (full fee)

Or choose to pay monthly:
4 monthly installments of $412.50 AUD.

Payments can be made by bank transfer or credit card. Our office will contact you.
If you would like more information on our certified mindfulness course, please call us on: +61 2 9940 1575.

Or fill in our contact form and we will be happy to call you back at a time that suits you.

From the Mindfulness Course Teacher, Anne Hartley:

Anne Hartley certified mindfulness teacher training course leader

I must admit mindfulness was something that never resonated with me, I’ve always been a person who gets things done. I’m a master multi-tasker, so the idea of focusing on this moment didn’t appeal to me. I felt being mindful would change who I am.

Then I started to notice how life was flying by, I felt as if my life would be over and I wouldn’t have enjoyed it, so I started practising being mindful, for short periods every day. As I slowed down the pace of my life, I found I was still able to get as much done, I was enjoying life more, I felt more in control. And for me, the amazing thing is that I can still multi-task, but I am very conscious of how and when I do this, and if it works for me.

The first time I implemented being mindful for longer periods of time was when I was in a difficult relationship with another person. We couldn’t resolve our conflict, and we were on a long road trip that could have been miserable for both of us. I couldn’t escape it. I couldn’t fix it. So, I chose to practice mindfulness, to stay in the moment and observe without judgement, and to accept the things I could not change. Being mindful helped me turn a potentially difficult experience into something enjoyable and what I got out of it, apart from harmony, was that I felt good about myself.

Mindfulness has the potential to change the world, and we are only just starting to understand how it can help us. Mindfulness can help us manage pain, this I know from personal experience. It can heal relationships because when we are mindful people feel heard. It can change our financial situation, health and even support us to change limiting beliefs.

I hope you’ll join me in teaching mindfulness, it may well change your life.

ANNE HARTLEY – CEO, Head Trainer and founder of Hart Life Coaching 

Mindfulness in the News

Lady GaGa & Dalai Lama Promote Mindfulness

In an unusual pairing, pop star Lady GaGa and the Dalai Lama gave a unique perspective on how nurturing mindfulness is an initial step toward world peace.

“Change in humanity must start from individuals,” said Dalai Lama and Lady GaGa added, “We are unified in our humanity, and the only thing that we all know and we all appreciate in one another is kindness, and this has to come before all things.”

Mindfulness as a way to nurture kindness and build inner peace is a path they both recommend.

Source: CNN

Dalai Lama and Lady GaGa on mindfulness
Workplace mindfulness course at Intel

Awake@Intel Founders Lindsay VanDriel and Qua Veda

Mindfulness at Intel

Intel is one of the first who joined a growing list of companies, such as Google, Ford and LinkedIn, to offer mindfulness classes. In their Awake@Intel  mindfulness course, also dubbed “Slowing Down to Speed up,” Intel employees have a chance to attend classes on mindfulness, emotional and relational intelligence.

The results showed an overall improvement in stress management, ability to focus, creativity and innovation.