Do you ever wonder what you are going to do for the rest of your life?

Do you sometimes feel as if something is missing?

Do you want to experience joy, passion and connection with others?

Our Midlife Awakening course is for people who ask these questions and more.

It’s a fact that happiness dips in your forties, it’s a time when you can feel as if your life is unravelling.

In your sixties people you know start dying and you become aware of your own mortality.

There are stages in life. Our early years are about establishing ourselves, making a home, family, career, but there is very little education on the changes that occur when our families are raised, our marriages end, how to handle the next stages of life. You may wonder:

What your dream is now
If it’s too late
If it’s possible to find passion at this stage in life
How you go about creating a more fulfilling life without giving up the life you have

Whatever you may be experiencing, and it varies for each one of us, this time in life is something you can’t control, manage or fix, you just need to go through it, but how you go through it is key. Experts say it takes 2 – 3 years for women and 3-4 years for men, but it doesn’t have to take that long.

If you use this time to understand yourself, to learn new skills, to view it as an opportunity to revitalise your life you may find it to be one of the best things that ever happened to you.

The Midlife Awakening course is based on three questions:

What’s my greatest disappointment?
What really matters to me?
What needs to happen for me to feel joyful and fulfilled?

In mid and late life happiness results from feelings such as: love, connection, creative expression, making a difference.

These three questions lead to other larger questions which are covered in the course.

This course is about awakening to who you really are, to the life you were born to live.

During the course you will learn about:

  • Mindfulness
  • Your personality archetypes
  • The latest research on the power of your heart to transform lives
  • How to get the love you want
  • How to add meaning to your life
  • Ways to overcome obstacles
  • Habits that improve the quality of your life.

It’s never too late to live a joyful life and to make a valuable contribution to the world around you. We would love to have you join us.

Our Midlife Awakening course is held: by webinar at 7.30pm AEST and run for 1.5 hours. Course dates will be set in January. Please sign up for our newsletter to receive this information.

The Midlife Awakening Course runs for: 8 weeks, this is followed by 4  sessions which are held once a month. Following this we encourage interested participants to continue with the monthly group as a way of establishing a community which supports each other. We can give you instructions on how to run these.

$695 full fee. Or, you can pay over 3 instalments $240 a month for 3 months ($720).

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Your course facilitator will be: Anne Hartley

If this is a course that interests you we urge you to enrol early as places are limited.

Our cancellation policy

You can cancel any time up until 2 weeks before course commencement date and receive and 95% refund. We retain 5% of the full couse fee towards administration costs. If you are within the 2 weeks prior to course commencement and cannot make it you can defer to another course.