Course: Love the life you live

10 Steps that enrich your life

This course is for anyone wanting to improve their own life, and it also forms the foundation of our life coach training course.
We hear repeatedly how this course has transformed lives.
The course is an exploration of self and the way you live your life.

When I went through a mid-life crisis in the late nineties I resolved to find a better way to live, that search culminated in the Ten Steps that make up the Love the Life you Live coaching model, course, book and 10 wishes program (coming soon). This way of living totally transformed my life and even now whenever I get stuck, or need support I return to the Ten Steps. I’ve been teaching this program for 20 years now and I am still in awe of the feedback I continually get from coaches and book readers.

Whether you are searching for answers, a new direction or, even if your life is good and you want to take it to the next level, this course can make a big difference.

I want to reach as many people as possible so I now teach this course by teleconference, one night a week for six weeks. This means that you can attend from the comfort of your own home and all you have to do is call a number located in your nearest capital city (if you live in Australia) for the cost of a local call. You can call from a landline or mobile, or even Skype if calling from overseas.

I want to help you live your best possible life and I am 100% committed to supporting you on this journey. I personally teach this course, although there may be an odd night when someone else may need to take a class if something arises in my life, and I am available during the course by phone or email if you need additional help, or don’t understand something.

It  may seem impersonal doing a course by phone, it’s not. We all hear and speak to each other. You can ask questions or make a comment. I find it incredibly relaxing as I don’t have to dress up or go out.

The course is based on Ten Steps and as I’m revising the book I have revised the steps slightly, although the essence is much the same as it’s always been.

I hope you will join me.

Anne Hartley

So many people have told us how this course and book have changed their lives.

This work has a heart and soul I have not experienced in any other coaching process and has allowed me to bring all my healing modalities together into a beautiful gem, as well as deeply enriching my personal life.

Alice Kleinsman

I often wonder if I had never discovered your work all those years ago if I would have the happy, contented life that I have now. I don’t really think so.

Julie Staples

For a great number of years I have been on a journey of self discovery and I thought I knew myself pretty well. To my surprise Anne’s work has deepened my awareness and understanding of myself. It is a truly a remarkable approach for connecting the heart and mind.

Svetlana Winn

I thought I knew myself but instead of having just the jigsaw pieces, I now have the instructions to make the picture and I’m loving it!

Kylie Reid

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