Your Purpose Finds You

Rachel said, “I am falling over with happiness”.  When Rachel started training as a life she followed all of the recommended instructions we give exactly. She never missed a session. She put in the recommended study time. She asked for advice and acted upon it. When it was time to practise coach, an acquaintance who worked for a charitable group, asked if she would be interested in coaching some of the people they helped, the long term unemployed. She accepted, and the coaching was so well received that she was offered a paid contract as a life coach to start once she graduated.

The synchronicity that Rachel experienced, is something that has happened many times in my own life. It occurs when you do what you love, when your thoughts, words and actions support the life you want to create, and when you are ready for opportunity.

Most people who live rich, purposeful lives don’t always know what their life purpose is when they start out, but as they take steps to do things that they have always wanted to do, their purpose reveals itself.

What prevents some people from finding their purpose is their intellect. When you get stuck in the left hemisphere of the brain, which uses logic and reason, to make life choices you miss out on so much. Sometimes you just have to have faith and trust your heart. The right hemisphere of the brain, which you access when you meditate, is where your intuition resides, by accessing this hemisphere more often your ability to make wiser choices improves.

I am an expert at helping people create rich, meaningful lives. I have a long track record of success, but I can’t help everyone and that is because some people aren’t ready yet. There are people that I know I could help but they insist on doing it their way. If they persist they generally get there, but it often takes a long time.

Your Purpose Finds You

The most prevalent reason that keeps people stuck is their fear that they are not good enough. If you feel this way I would suggest you say to yourself every time this thought enters your mind, ‘So what?’

Adopt an attitude that you will try what you love and if aren’t any good at it choose to  just keep working at it until you are. If you don’t like it, congratulate yourself that you at least had the courage to try. You gain something from every experience.

You don’t have to agonise over finding your life purpose, your purpose finds you, when you trust your heart.

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Anne Hartley

Anne Hartley

Anne Hartley is the founder and CEO of Hart Life Coaching Anne is also the author of several books including Financially Free, Love the Life You Live, Love Your Money - Love Your Life and Life Lessons.

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