We have life coaches located in Australia, New Zealand and other parts of the world. However, most coaches, offer coaching by phone or Skype, so they coach worldwide.

Laura Hartley Photo

 Laura Hartley
 Sydney, Australia/Amsterdam
 T: +61 424 280 485
 W: www.laurahartley.com
 F:  www.facebook.com/laurahartleycoaching
 E: laura@appleseedcoaching.com

  As a self-proclaimed self-help junkie, you may be able to guess why life coaching was the most obvious profession, and passion, for me.  It wasn’t always like this though. I spent many years oblivious to my calling, crippled with severe anxiety and depression. I, like many others, had no idea of the power we each have to craft our own lives, and as a result, I became scarily close to ending mine.  I consider those years some of my most formative, as they taught me the tools I needed to change my own life and craft the person I am now grateful to be.  

Raised on the likes of Wayne Dyer and Neale Donald Walsch, as well as by a life coach mother, themes of passion and dharma intercross my work with clients.   I believe strongly that we are born to live bold, daring and creative lives.  Lives that have us excited, curious, and ultimately, fulfilled.  As a travel addict, I particularly love working with those who share a spirit of adventure and a desire to make an impact. 

I split my time between Sydney, my hometown, and Europe, and see most of my clients via Skype. I offer a free, no-obligation first session for you to decide if I am the right life coach for you, and you can read more about coaching on my website here www.laurahartley.com

Christine Venville life coachChristina Venville
Auckland New Zealand
T: +64 027 2221523
E: Christina.venville@gmail.com

I have worked in the area of personal/spiritual transformation for twenty-something years.

Earlier in life, I worked in television production in NZ and Australia and then, as life always takes us where we need to go, I experienced a significant personal life ‘crisis’. This required getting some good help and truly taking the time to ‘work’ on myself. My life changed so dramatically. . deeply, from the inside-out, that I knew personal growth and development was an area that I wanted to share with others. I have now had the privilege of doing so for many years, through the facilitation of many workshops, along with personal sessions.

My first major influence was Louise L. Hay (‘You Can Heal Your Life”), who encourages, beyond all, to create a loving and accepting relationship with SELF. When we truly create this relationship, we open life up to far more loving and valuable relationships with others. We also allow ourselves to be more creative (and successful!) in our work ; become more conscious and caring about our health and wellness, and the health of Planet Earth ; and generally live with more happiness, vitality, authenticity and equilibrium.

Personal life coaching can also often reveal blocks, and can offer solutions, re-education, and resolution that can alter your outcome and transform your ability to enjoy personal expansion, and the fulfillment and manifestation of your dreams and goals.

I currently work alongside clients in New Zealand and Australia (by landline or Skype).
I offer a complimentary, no-obligation initial half-hour chat, to get to know each other. In this session we will discuss your personal goals and requirements – and then we take it from there . . . in whatever direction we need to go !

Sharyna with Avalon, one of the amazing horses she uses for equine coaching

Sharyna with Avalon, one of the amazing horses she uses for equine coaching

Sharyna Sharman, equine coaching
Adelaide Hills, South Australia

Consciously You Equine Assisted Coaching
T: 0431 922 407
W: http://www.consciouslyyou.com.au/ 

E: sharyna.sharman@live.com.au
F: facebook.com/SharynaConsciouslyYou

Sharyna Sharman combines her passion for working with horses with her passion for working with people through her unique coaching model, Equine Assisted Coaching. Her background as a certified Life Coach, Meditation teacher, NLP Practitioner and EFL (Equine Facilitated Learning) Practitioner. Having spent all of her life with horses, which includes many years training horses make for a powerful coaching model.

Horses have the ability to see into and connect to our innermost heart and reflect back to us what our true beliefs, patterns and behaviours are in a way that opens a space for positive recognition and transformation. Sharyna facilitates and guides this process as the horse and client interact and has found the process to gain quicker results than traditional coaching. The transformations achieved by clients has been extraordinary and for many, life changing. This process is solely about the client and the results they want and need to achieve to create a life that fulfills them so every session is different!

Sharyna operates from her home at the base of the Adelaide Hills in South Australia offering individual sessions, horsemanship lessons and running workshops both locally and nationally. She also travels interstate to run workshops as well as co-hosting training in EFL, doing several trips to Victoria, NSW and WA every year.



Life coach Irena CatherallIrena Catherall
Sydney, Australia
E: irena59.ic@gmail.com
W: www.essentiallyulifecoaching.com

My name is Irena and I am a certified life coach. It is my pleasure to welcome you to Essentiallyu Life Coaching, as life really is essentially about being YOU! If you feel fulfilled and there is meaning and purpose in your life, then it can go from a mediocre one, to one you love living!

In the 21st century, life has become frantic. Due to high demands, meeting deadlines, fierce competition and accountability, we can lose our sense of purpose. I am one of these people who overlooked the ‘essential’ part of me, though finally realized that I had to face my fears and lack of confidence. In order to do this I made choices to change the course of my life….otherwise there seemed no purpose. I had a background in education and knew somehow I wanted to make a difference in the lives of parents and their children, as well as those people who lacked confidence to make changes and support them to feel and act on choices which best served them.

Training through Hart Life Coaching, has been a wonderful opportunity to embrace a holistic approach to supporting people through personal growth and relationship building. My purpose is now to help you become the person you are meant to be, by living according to your essential nature and making positive choices which suit you. I am truly grateful to be able to finally work in a job that I love…..and that is helping the ‘ESSENTIALU’. My question to you now is:

“Who do you need to be and what do you need to do to create a life you love?”

Irena has been a wonderful coach. She has been so supportive and has really changed my life in a very positive way. She has given me so many new skills that I now use which have enhanced my life. I believe through Irena’s coaching she has changed my outlook on life, and has created positive and enjoyable life experiences for me. She is amazing. I cannot thank her enough! Krystal (teacher)


Elizabeth DennisElizabeth Denniss, equine coaching
Bridgetown, Western Australia
T: 0897614179
E: elizabeth@rafalifejourney.com
W: www.rafalifejourney.com


Elizabeth is a life coach with over 10 years experience, a published author and also an Equine Facilitated Learning Practitioner with 5 years experience. She lives in the south west of Western Australia. My areas of expertise include emotional congruence, mindfulness, authentic connection and adrenal fatigue recovery.


Sally TurnourSally Turnour
Western Australia
E: sally@sallyturnour.com
F: https://www.facebook.com/sallyturnourlifecoaching

After eighteen years of helping organisations attain greater success, Sally had the urge to use her skills on a more personal level as a life coach. Sally is dedicated to helping her clients grow personally and in turn enabling them to realise their dreams and achieve the goals they had previously thought to be out of reach.

“With all of Sally’s Coaching and help, I now have a very strong, positive outlook whereas before I didn’t. My thought processes are now very positive, my ambitions & goals will be achieved, and she has shown me what I need to do in order to help myself and move forward. The sessions are very relaxed, very informative and I always left feeling positive about myself and how to work towards bettering my situation. I can’t thank Sally enough, everything I’ve learned from her will help me through the rest of my life.”

Richard Gregor N.S.W

Sally has an extensive background in hotel management which has provided her with the opportunity to work with hundreds of different people, personalities and situations. As her career progressed, she went from helping employees and co-workers individually, to single handedly changing the dynamics of large teams and consequently turning entire businesses around for the better.

“Thank you for always believing in me. x”

Holly Faxon Karratha W.A


Life coach Christine Cowin
Christine Cowin
Newcastle, New South Wales
T: 0437 450 144
E: christine@reflectivelifecoach.com

W: www.reflectivelifecoach.com

Christine Cowin is a certified life coach who lives by the words heal thyself and know thyself. Christine will teach you to own your own ‘stuff’, because once you do it is empowering! She draws extensively from her own experience – life and the real world and will guide you to rid yourself of what’s not serving you and get closer to your true self.

“When I went to Christine I was fragile, lost and quite depressed, since that time Christine helped me to formulate a plan to move me in a positive direction with my life, goals and personal values and I have implemented a lot of her ideas and strategies, I feel like I’ve taken a giant leap forward and I’m back on track and have taken control back. I’m on the way to living the life I choose, thanks Christine!” – Alicia

“Thank you so much Christine you have helped me in many ways.” – Sharon


Life coach Jill Mason, Life coaching Queensland

Jill Mason
Sunshine Coast, Queensland
E: jillmason@live.com.au

Jill Mason is a certified life coach who inspires women to colour their lives from the inside out.

So many women look for happiness outside of themselves through succeeding in their careers, buying clothes or shoes, throwing their hearts to the ‘right’ man, or doing the things that should make them happy like yoga or raw diets. But Jill challenges those beliefs and empowers her clients to make necessary changes to live a life they dream of.

“Jill is an amazing coach, the best I have ever worked with.

“She is so careful to listen to every word I say and pulled out the most significant parts of my stories to where she could help guide me through blocks, mindsets, belief systems, values, patterns, habits, behaviours, past injuries and family situations.

“I had more positive and ongoing changes through her coaching in six sessions than I had in 7 years of grief counselling for the loss of my brother, 2 years of business coaching to raise my income, and 20 hours of life coaching previous that just ran me in circles about my identity.

“She gave me homework that I was able to complete and also changed how I valued myself, my relationships, and my life. She walked me through past injuries from when I was a teenager that I brushed off as my lack of athletic ability, helped me tie it in to emotional and life issues so I can now actually clearly see a path of healing, recovery, release, and gratitude. Amazing.

“I am so grateful to have found Jill and I’m looking forward to continuing our sessions and continuing to create the life I always dreamed of!”

Dr Alison DiBarto-Goggin

Missouri, USA , Live Lead Inspire


Michaela Cladingboel life coachMichaela Cladingboel – Five Frogs Coaching
Melbourne, Victoria
0448 561 275
E: m
W: www.fivefrogscoaching.com.au

Do you feel like you’re supposed to be doing something with your life but you’re not sure what?

Do you have a secret passion, a dream, but you’re too scared to go after it?

Are you stuck in a rut?

Are you ready to jump off that log?

I’m a values-based coach, working in the areas of confidence, life-purpose and fear.

Fear is powerful force – I was crippled by fear throughout my childhood and into my adult life. When I was a child I was so scared I couldn’t even ask the price of products in a shop. As a teen I was too scared to follow my dream of performing. As an adult I suffered from Anxiety Disorder and depression. Now I talk to groups of people and coach for a living, I have my driver’s license and – while I still feel fear – I won’t let it cripple me. My experience in moving from fearful to fabulous gave me a great gift – the desire to help other people follow a similar journey to fulfil their potential.

I coach via telephone and Skype, and my coaching style is very practical, compassionate, honest and down-to-earth. I will work with you on developing supportive mental and physical habits, while helping you analyse your essential nature so that you can play to your strengths . Together we can defeat those fears that stand between you and the life you deserve to live.

Do you want to go from fearful to fabulous? I would love to help and our first session is free.

“Michaela really listened and I felt able to openly express myself without being judged. Through Michaela’s focussed sessions, she enabled me to understand myself better and to move forward in a more positive and progressive way. I learnt a great deal as a result of these sessions and found her incredibly patient, understanding and insightful. I would highly recommend Michaela. She is a true professional and an excellent life coach” – Justine, Geelong



Rob Baker, life coachRob Baker
London, coaching worldwide
E: rob@robbakercoaching.com

W: www.robbakercoaching.com

I first became interested in performance psychology from a young age due to an interest in a wide range of different sports. At any early age at school I found that the principles that enabled me to perform well at sport were also transferable to the academic environment as well. After studying Business I then went on to study a degree in Psychology and a Msc in Occupational Psychology whilst still holding down a full-time job. After being successful in sales and working in recruitment for a number of years in January 2006 I set up my own Executive recruitment firm where I have regularly helped clients with career and personal coaching. My coaching covers most fields other than just careers including personal areas.

I am a strong advocate that anything can be learned, improved upon, changed if the right causes and conditions are put into ‘change process’. This can be for the achievement of materials goods or on the other side of the spectrum realising a more spiritual path. I 2008 Rob entered into the world of meditation and I am a strong advocate of using meditation, not just for relaxation purposes, but also as a mind training tool for increasing performance in all areas of life including general well-being. As a father; a successful business owner; high achiever in a variety of sports I also have a strong interest in meditation and Buddhism so I feel I can offer something to people from all walks of life looking to make a change for the better.



Barbara Andreatta

Barbara Andreatta
Coaching and training worldwide
E: barbara.andreatta@gmail.com

I am Barbara Andreatta and I welcome you to my coaching practice, Core Woman. My commitment is to help you create the life you have always wanted to live. You will do this by tapping into the potential of your heart power and aligning it with that of your mind.

For over ten years I worked as a women’s empowerment specialist in Africa, Asia, Europe and USA. As I watched women move beyond their circumstances and into their power, I gradually shifted the focus of my work onto personal growth as the main driver for change and transformation.

My coaching practice is a tribute to all those women who broke free from tribal conditioning and went after their Core Woman, their truest, purest and untamed self.

As a law graduate I naturally imagined myself practicing law. It wasn’t until I sat in a law firm for a few days that I realised the legal profession just wasn’t for me. I didn’t have a clear sens of what I was after but I knew I wanted to make a difference in women’s lives.

Over the last few years, I have questioned the very concept of empowerment as conceptualised in mainstream development theory and practice. My query has been guided by this question: How can I help women go beyond mere change to radically tranform their lives? By turning the investigation upon myself, I have realized that I can radically change (=transform) my circumstances when I possess the right combination of awareness of where I am at (Point A), as well as clarity about where I desire to be (Point B), and motivation to do the work necessary to get from Point A to point B.

As a result, I am now working on merging women’s empowerment paradigms and methodologies with processes of self-awareness and personal growth, as employed in professional/life coaching. My goal: to empower women empower themselves by helping them find what drives them on a deep level and take concrete action to align with it.



Life Coaches

Rita Brancatini, Body Image and Self Esteem Coach
Melbourne, Australia
T: 0413 899 898

Why the name Live Your Passion? Because without it, there is no life, you just exist doing the same things, being the same person having the same miserable life. Think about it, if you don’t have passion or desire, what would drive you? Not much. So you set yourself up to fail before you even start and the cycle continues. To me, Live Your Passion is about ‘not settling for less’. It’s about finding the passion that inspires you to strive for the ‘most’. If you can’t spring out of bed in the morning with enthusiasm for the day ahead, something isn’t working for you.

I specialise in promoting positive Body Image and Self Esteem, but I work in other areas of personal growth as well. Life Coaching is a process of self improvement and empowerment that will help you grow as a person, so you can be who you really want to be. It is motivational, inspiring, positive, exciting and action driven! I help you stay focused on goals. I work with you in a nonjudgmental way to help you realize your own potential and to gain confidence in your life so you are in control of your present and future. My goal is to help you determine what you are REALLY passionate about.

I offer a complimentary h