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internationally approved certification

Our certified life coach training offers you a highly desirable skill set with the tools to help others realise their full potential.

Life coaching is powerful, and proven, which is why it’s in demand.

Life coaching is not counselling or therapy. It’s not advice giving. It’s listening, understanding and questioning. Coaching is about supporting the client to gain clarity, understand themselves and their needs and assisting them to grow to their full potential.

Hart Life Coaching’s approach to life coaching is unique and life-changing. Our coaching model, the Heart Process, is powerful. Our work is based on connecting the heart and the mind. This process helps you and your clients gain clarity, understand your purpose, and supports you to live a calm and joy-filled life.

The heart is the most powerful organ in the body, and it is the most powerful energy force for creating a happy life. We believe in and follow the scientific findings of HeartMath, a scientific organisation devoted to studying the intelligence of the human heart.

Why Choose Us?

Internationally recognised certification

International Coach Federation (ICF) and International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT) approved our certification.

Course is flexible to fit your busy lifestyle

If you are working full-time we can offer you different personalised choices to help you complete the course when it suits you.

Easy, fun and engaging learning experience

Our aim is to make our courses interesting, fun and doable to people of all ages, and we have had students from 22 to 72 study with us.

Two decades of practising and teaching life coaching

Hart Life Coaching was founded in 1999 and has since then helped hundreds of students become certified life coaches.

A Message from Anne Hartley

I never set out to own a life coach training school; I was happy being a life coach!

But over time I recognised how my coaching model, The Heart Process, which had so transformed my own life did the same for my clients.

An experience always means more if we can share it with others, and that’s what I felt compelled to do. Since I first started Hart Life Coaching, the training school in 1999, I’ve had many graduates tell me just how life-changing our process is. Time and again they have seen the positive effects that it brings to their clients’ lives just as I have, and they’ve felt the happiness that it brings to their own.

Life coaching is not about giving advice though or solving a client’s problems for them. It is about empowering them to do it for themselves. With time and training you’ll become attuned to the various clues that people unwittingly give you in everyday conversation about what’s holding them back, so you’ll be better able to help them.

In short, I am passionate about life coaching. Watching a client blossom and grow because I have helped them gain clarity is a delight. Seeing them take control, clearing away the obstacles that inhibit them and establishing habits that support them makes it the most fulfilling work I have ever done.

ANNE HARTLEY, Founder and CEO of Hart Life Coaching

The evening that I found Hart Life Coaching school I was literally at my wit’s end as to where my life was going. I had looked to America to find the kind of Life coaching that resonates with my heart but instead I found it at the other end of the world, Australia. The Heart Process that I trained with Anne Hartley has offered me a new lease of life, honest tools to bounce back when stuck. Now I feel I am personally responsible for what and how much I can achieve in my life. There are a few people in this world that you truly feel are meant to do what they are doing. From her hard work, I have found a career in it. What better giving can there be than this.

Irene Wilkinson, life coach, Luxembourg

Happy Woman, Life Coach training Illustartion

Life Coach Training Course Curriculum


Module 1: The Heart Life Coaching Model

Module 2: How to Coach

Bonus Module: Starting a Business

The Heart Process Life Coaching Model
Heart Diagram How To Coach
Starting a Business Course

This module has 6 units, including how to apply need fulfilment strategies in a life coaching role and How to identify and incorporate personality archetypes in a life coaching role. (more details here)

During this module you will learn critical thinking skills, how to ask powerful questions, how to use different coaching models. You will also be supervised coaching another student and given feedback.  (more details here)

This bonus unit does not form part of your Certificate but is available to students who want to go on to create a successful business. We don’t just focus on the theory, we work with you during the start up phase and show you what you need to do to make it a success. (more details here)

How Our Life Coaching Course is Conducted


We understand that most people are busy and need to fit training around work and other commitments, so we are flexible in our approach, and we are always available to support you if you need help.

The easiest way to do the course is by webinar. Our webinars are interactive, so we can all see and hear and talk to each other. These are generally held in February and July each year.

Each course runs for five months.

During the course, you will need to complete a small number of written assignments and be supervised coaching. Then you will need to participate in practice coaching in your own time. It takes most people 9 – 12 months to complete the course part-time.

If you are unable to attend any sessions, we can record them for you.

Some people think it’s hard to get to know others on the course this way but all our groups are interactive, and many friendships have been formed. We also hold occasional lunches in Sydney so that we can all get to know one another.

Our next webinar starts Monday 6 August 2018 and this course concludes early December 2018. Enrolments open NOW.

Blended delivery

You can attend the course using a combination of distance and blended, which means you can join the course at any time.

If you find that this way of learning does not work for you, you can transfer to join the next webinar group.

Life Coaching Course Step One

You arrange an interview with your mentor who will discuss with you how to work through the course and the time frame that works best for you. We understand that most of our students work full time.

Life Coaching Course Step Two

You work through the first six units online and complete written assignments. Additionally, you have plenty of support while you do this including: written material, audios and videos and your mentor if you need clarification on any topic.

Life Coaching Course Step Three

You attend webinars for module 2 which is when you engage in practice coaching.

If time zones or work prevents you from doing this, please talk to us to see if we can work out a program to suit you.

You can join this course at any time.

What does the Life Coach Training Course Cost?

The cost of our course ranges from $4190 to $4990, depending upon the course and payment plan you choose.

When you compare this to other career courses which cost that much per term, it’s a very reasonable fee for a recognised qualification. Check out our Payments Plans. These are currently being updated, so you may need to check with us.

If you are enquiring from outside of Australia, you will probably find that exchange rates make our course cost is very reasonable.

Payments Plans Version 2.3 May 2018 (.pdf download)

Study can be daunting, particularly if you haven’t done any for a long time.

We aim to make our courses exciting, fun and doable to people of all ages, and we have had students from 22 to 72 study with us.

If you are researching life coaching courses, make sure you find out what you will learn in the course, because each school, even ones that offer the same qualification, use different coaching models.

And we must be doing something right because we have been training life coaches since 1999.

Life Coaching Course Frequently Asked Questions

Life Coach Certification Options

Certificate in Life Coaching

This course is approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT).

Life Coaching Course Accredited by International Coach Federation and International Institute for Complementary Therapists

 What You Get with our Life Coach Training Course

An internationally recognised course

Coach mentoring and supervision

Unlimited support

Quizzes and exercises to use with clients

Training in the Heart Process Coaching Model

18 months to complete the course, although it can be done in less

Training in how to coach

A choice of payment plans and if none suit you can check with us and we may be able to tailor one for you

A ton of resources in the form of videos, audios and workbooks to support your training

No additional charges – our course fees are all inclusive

Life Coach Training Course Payment Options

Please note: Clicking “Enrol Online Now” button takes you to our enrolment form where you can choose payment plan options and fill in necessary details.

Certificate in Life Coaching & Certified Meditation Teacher

Best value: $4590 (Full fee)

Enrol in our full course for a small additional amount and receive: Start a Business Course and Meditation Teacher Course, a saving of $900.

Alternatively, you can purchase each module separately.

Please Note: To gain our Certificate in Life Coaching you need to complete modules 1 & 2

Module 1: The Heart Life Coaching Model


Monthly payment plans available Includes 8 units and course materials

Module 2: How to Coach


Monthly payment plans available Includes 3 units, comprehensive videos & notes, covers ICF core competencies and heart coherence meditation.

Become a Part of Our Community

Connecting with like-minded people is an important part of achieving happiness, so why not get involved in our community?

We have a Life Coaching Facebook Community and occasional lunches and as we are very friendly and it is amazing how many of our graduates form friendships. We also hold regular mentoring evenings via webinar to keep you on track. And we hold occasional lunches in Sydney.

You Can Train from Anywhere in the World

Most of the people who train with us are from Australia and New Zealand, and we have also had students from Pakistan, Africa, Luxembourg, Italy, USA,  The Maldives and UK.

Call today, and release your potential in a career that will give as much as you do.

Get in Touch With Us

Anne Hartley, Founder and CEO of Hart Life Coaching

As enthusiastic as we are about life coaching, you won’t get the hard sell.

Everything you need to know is right on this page, but do give us a call on the number shown below if you want to talk any of it over.

I look forward to your call, 


If you would like more information on our life coach training course or, please call us on: +61 2 9940 1575.

Or fill in our contact form and we will be happy to call you back at a time that suits you.


+61 2 9940 1575

P O Box 769, Mona Vale NSW 1660 Australia

You can also find more information on our frequently asked questions page.

If you are ready to enrol, please complete the enrolment form and send it to us.

Call today, and release your potential in a career that will give as much as you do.

What Our Students are Saying About the Course

Even though the change of career was a later one in life for me, it has been by far the most personal and profound one I have ever made. You gain insight about yourself and develop values which are important to you, in order to live a happier life. I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone interested in becoming a Life Coach, as it is indeed life changing.

Irena Catherall

Irena Catherall, Certified Life Coach
Matt Mason, Certified Life Coach

When I was looking for a suitable life coaching course Hart Life Coaching’s course instantly felt like the perfect one for me. And now that I have almost completed the course I couldn’t be happier with my decision. To sum it up, the Hart Life Coaching course has been so much more than I was hoping for. I feel like I am now truly living my life’s purpose. The content is astoundingly effective and the method of delivery flexible to suit anyone.

Matt Mason

I met Anne in a most serendipitous manner and our encounter has had a profound effect on my life. I have always believed that the universe is a vast web of interwoven possibilities. As a result, Anne showed me how to draw from its energy field to start creating the life that I really want for myself. In short, I could not thank Anne enough for so generously bestowing on me the gift of infinite possibilities! Anne, you are a fantastic coach/trainer, as well as a very caring and compassionate human being! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You inspire me to be the best coach I can be!

Barbara Andreatta

Barbara Andreatta, Certified Life Coach
Jen Morris, Certified Life Coach

This course teaches a structured yet flexible approach to coaching. I enjoyed having a plan in place to know where the coaching would go. In addition, I really appreciate the fact that it is not rigid. Instead, the life coaching course allows for the coach and client to spend time exploring other things. Using Anne’s archetypes and values I can better understand myself and make positive changes in my life. By using the Heart Process in my own life, I am now able to help clients find meaning and fulfilment in their own lives. For this reason Anne’s process is not just life coach training, but also self-development. In this sense, I can give my clients authentic advice as I myself have been (and continue to go) through the process. Thank you, Anne, for helping me align my daily life more closely with my purpose.

Jennifer Morris

Two years ago, when I turned 40, I was looking for a change. Consequently, I decided to train with Hart Life Coaching. The course totally transformed the way I think and by adopting Anne’s philosophy and approach my daily life began to improve and change. Additionally, I gained self-worth, motivation and confidence. Most of all I started believing in myself again. Now I run my own life coaching business and impart what I have learned to others. Not to mention, I still have coaching with Anne and I highly regard her input. Moreover, she is always available to listen and give me a push when needed. I recommend this course to anyone who is stuck and needs to move out of their comfort zone. It will change your view of the world and your life!

Melissa Katz

Melissa Katz, certified Life Coach