Life Coaching with Anne Hartley

As a life coach, my role is here to support you create a life you love. Sometimes I’ll challenge, hold you accountable, or encourage you to change the filters through which you view your life, but it’s always done in a way that is respectful and supportive.

Coaching is not about going back to the past to look at what’s holding you back today, it’s about awareness, conscious choice, building strengths and adopting habits that support the life you want to live. Sometimes it’s just about gaining clarity.

Anne Hartley Life Coach Australia

There was a time in my life when I achieved all the goals I’d set for myself, and I didn’t feel any happier. At that time, I spiralled into a major mid-life crisis and, felt such despair that was all my life was ever going to be. Little did I know was that time in my life would lead to the best time in my life.

One day I got so fed up with myself I decided to search for a better way to live, and I found it, and that’s what my work is all about, helping people like you create a life they love.

It doesn’t matter if you are confused about what work you want to do, are challenged by money, are worried that you’ll never find someone to share your life with or have a family, are lonely or are experiencing a mid-life crisis. What’s happening in your life is just a symptom telling you that you’ve strayed from the path that will make you happiest. My role is to help you identify what your path is, and what you need to do to turn your life around.

My mid-life crisis ended in 1997, and I’ve been coaching and training life coaches ever since then.

Life coaching is my calling.

I love helping people. For me seeing someone find their path in life is such a joy and I want to help you find yours. I’ve worked with hundreds of clients from all over the world, both men and women, from all walks of life. I also mentor people who are starting, or in a business, and executives needing support.

I only work with people I feel I can help, so you need to be committed to doing the work. I won’t waste your time or your money. I charge on a per session basis, and my fee is $150. I am negotiable on this in some circumstances.

I coach weekdays during business hours, either face-to-face in Bayview, on the northern beaches of Sydney, or by phone.

If you’d like to have a short preliminary chat with me to see if I am the right coach for you, please email or phone 0414 364 494. 


What my Clients Say

Meeting and working with Anne; both as a client and a student have been 2 of the most positive, transformational experiences in my life. I initially found Anne as a coach. She helped me get through some very difficult times. In one session she helped me see my experiences through a very different lens which helped relieve a great deal of pressure and paved the way for positive change. The subsequent coaching sessions consolidated these changes. years later I am still very grateful for her help.

Rita G, Sydney

Late last year I reached the realisation that to better help others I needed to work on some of my own behaviours. This realisation was not new and I had tried to change aspects of my life in the past. However I had always chosen to do this unaided. Of course similar to many behaviour changes, I found this difficult to achieve and maintain. Anne’s coaching was recommended to me. Her skills and communication style combined with the tools she provides have been key to changes that I have been able to make and maintain. I believe that what Anne teaches has wide applicability to both psychological and physical wellbeing. I have high regard for Anne’s approach and her skills and have already recommended her to others in our company and to friends.

Dr McRobbie, London

life coach Anne Hartley testimonial

Anne Hartley is a good listener who, through her thoughtful and insightful questioning, leads you to find your own solutions. I always leave a coaching session with Anne feeling motivated and inspired to reach my goals. I feel supported and empowered by Anne to be the best person that I can be whilst remaining true to my values.

Judith Wallace, Sydney

I was at first sceptical about seeking a life coach as I have a very good life and felt guilty for not being satisfied and wanting more. Anne has been the best thing I have ever done for myself. She is such a treat. I cannot wait for our next session, not only to share with her my progress, but to be once again inspired and aim for more. We complicate life however, Anne’s steps has made me see life as a simple process with the roots stemming from belief. Anne is a true inspiration and genius. She shows compassion, insight and wisdom. I love everything about our sessions and books. I can certainly say life is a much better experience due to time spend with Anne.

Kate Murray, Sydney

I have never met Anne but speak to her over the phone like an old friend. Our first contact was initiated after I read one of Anne’s books Love your Money Love your Life, and realised she lived not far from me and not in the USA like most book authors. After spending years on personal development, I felt that Anne could offer a different perspective as I continue my quest into understanding the person I am meant to be. There are many benefits I have received from Anne’s life coaching such as understanding my values and why values drive so much of what I do in everyday life that make me happy. In addition, the work on archetypes gives another perspective in personal development. However, what is great about working with Anne is that there may be time lapses of a few years and we will be able to pick up from our last session – just from Anne’s good note taking! This enables Anne to remind me about discussions from previous sessions which provide an opportunity to measure have far I have grown in life’s journey. However, it is Anne’s coaching skills that help to provide clarity on whatever is the topic of my session. Anne’s warm and caring attitude together with her empathy and support help to facilitate a different perspective on the answers I am seeking. Thank you Anne for your support and understanding, and the ability to look on the bright side of life!

Karina Samperi, Queensland

A coach like Anne adds a new dimention to the way we think, reflect, look at ourselves and how we define ourselves in terms of the values of what we believe in, what our potentials are and who we want to be. The walk with Ann out off the confusion was a calm and peaceful journey, keeping discipline to the goals that we have set while taking one confident step at a time. It was a pleasure and a blessing that Anne came into my life when I needed such a guidance. And the lessons that I learned from my journey with her are values that are slowly transforming into daily practices.

Joseph Lo, Bhutan