Do you sometimes wonder who you are, or what you are supposed to be doing with your life? Do you feel confused about what to do next? Or simply directionless?

Before Anne Hartley started Hart Life Coaching she went through her mid-life crisis there wasn’t really anything wrong with her life, she just wasn’t happy. She changed careers, that didn’t work. For a while it felt as if nothing worked, until she made a commitment to finding a better way to live.

Her search ended in a process that changed Anne’s life. She emerged from a period where nothing worked to living in a state of flow where opportunities seemed to appear out of the blue. During the first 12 months of working with this principles contained in this course Anne quadrupled her income, but even more important than that, she felt happy.

Often when our lives aren’t working we use logic and reason  to find a solution, but often that just makes things work. To get your life to work you need to connect with your heart. Often life’s challenges are your heart’s way of guiding you to make new choices.

The primary cause of most unhappiness is unmet needs but it’s very hard to fill your needs when you aren’t aware of what they are.

During this course you’ will:

  • look at everything that makes you happy and relate it back to a value.
  • explore ways to meet your needs, including conflicting needs.
  • have the opportunity to challenge the way you look at life.
  • learn how to break the habit of reacting and change limiting beliefs.
  • learn what you need to do to get your life to flow.
  • gain a ton of life skills that can enrich your life now and in the future.

Often we make goal achievement a priority in life, we think when we find the right work, meet the person we will share our life with, have enough money then we will be happy but that’s not the case. Scientists have found that happy people are more successful, earn higher incomes, have more harmonious relationships, have a stronger immune system and generally live longer, so making your happiness a priority at any age is important.

One of the great benefits of this course is that it helps you identify the pieces of yourself that somehow got lost along the way. You may not even have realised that they were gone, but there are bits of us that get chipped off over the years as we experience setbacks, pain and disappointment.

As one of our students said, “I feel that the pieces of the jigsaw that is me, which were scattered and not fitting together, are now sliding back into place smoothly, making life so much easier”.

At long last, society is waking up to the fact that being happy needs to be our primary goal, that it comes before making more money, success at work, or even finding your perfect mate.

This course is an updated version of Anne Hartley’s best-selling book, Love the Life You Live.



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Is happiness something you can learn in a course?

The old way of thinking was that happiness was something that just happened, but scientists have now proven that being happy is a learned skill.

The biggest cause of unhappiness today is a disconnection from your heart, and that’s because most of us have been conditioned from an early age to think logically and to use reason to make decisions and find solutions to problems. When you start to listen to and understand the callings of your heart you make wiser choices, you feel lighter and life gets easier. Your heart is the compass for your soul.

Why not take this journey of understanding for yourself? This course is conducted over 8 weeks, and each week is a journey into self-awareness where you will discover what makes you happy, who you want to be, and how to make choices that improve your whole life.

Every week you will undertake practical exercises and receive a happiness tip to act upon. This activity is designed to activate your happiness hormones, which produce a biochemical response that makes you feel good.

Course Overview:

Duration: 8 weeks
Cost: $440 but reduced to $220 for a limited period
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What do I get in the Happiness Course?

  • Videos
  • Quizzes and exercises
  • Comprehensive course notes
  • Activities to stimulate your happiness hormones
  • Access to course attendees Facebook group where you can ask questions

During the course you will learn:

Why it’s so important to understand what makes you happy
You would think everyone knows what makes them happy, and superficially they may, but during this week, and over the coming weeks, you will explore what really makes you feel alive, contented or what simply brings you pleasure. You’ll be encouraged to bring more of these important elements into your daily life.

How mindfulness can break the cycle of living on autopilot.
This enables you to observe yourself without judgement and starts your journey to self-awareness. Meditation actually changes the structure of your brain and your response to stress. It is also a great way to enhance intuition.

Why we regularly need to challenge our perceptions
Discover the beliefs that don’t support you to be as happy as you could be, and how to change them.

Knowing and living by values is one of the most life-changing choices you will ever make.

These values represent the character of the ideal person you would like to be. They assist you to break the pattern of reacting, build your self-esteem and change your perception of who you can be and what you can do and have. And the good news is that as your perception of yourself changes, other people’s perception of you changes as well.

How to listen to your soul
Your soul constantly gives you signs. These signs can come in the form of problems, opportunities, insights and dreams. To be able to recognise when your soul is guiding you, or when fear is holding you back, you need to keep your mind and heart open and know when to trust and when to let go.

Why you need to be congruent
Congruence in this instance means that your thoughts, words and actions all support each other. This is one of the most important keys to being happy and successful.

How to love and respect yourself
Self-love can be misinterpreted as self-indulgence. This week you will learn the fundamentals of genuine self-love and how to create loving relationships.

The most important habits that support you to be happy and successful
Until you back your choices with habits that support those choices not much will change.

Invest in your happiness today. 

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