What’s Your Compelling Reason?

Not knowing how to achieve big goals is what stops so many people from even trying to achieve their dream.  But the fact is that most successful people have no idea how they are going to create their dreams when they first start out, they just have a very strong desire that motivates and keeps them going when things don’t work out.

When I bought my first home the prospect of taking on a large mortgage terrified me.  Tying myself down financially went against everything the freedom lover in me hated, but my desire for stability outweighed my fears, and that was my compelling reason which provided me with the courage to step outside my comfort zone.

More recently taking on the accreditation process for my life coach training program so overwhelmed me I felt like running away.  I hate complying just because a Government official says I have to.  I hated having to fit my course into a structure that would meet Government criteria, when it worked perfectly well the way it was.  I hated having to change the wording in some instances to fit a criteria which I think is stupid.  Added to that I didn’t have a clue what I was doing at first.  My desire to make a difference though was my compelling reason and it was greater than the obstacles I faced.  So, I broke the tasks down and kept telling myself that I am intelligent person and that I can work it out.

I did the eight day training and assessment course and found the other people doing the course were so helpful.  Often when I didn’t know what I was doing I would take my questions to the class and someone else would tell me just what I needed to know.  I asked for help and so many of the lovely coaches that I’ve trained gave me their support. I focused on one very tiny element at a time, figuring that if I got one part right, I’d be able to work out the next step, and I did.

Although the accreditation process went against my essential nature I chose to comply because of the longer term benefit.  Now I am so glad I did it and I feel so proud of myself and as a result of working on the course intensively for four months, it turned out better than it originally was.

Don’t limit yourself because you don’t know how.  Not knowing and feeling afraid often tells you that you are on the right path.  Find a compelling reason and start, just remember that progress is often associated with discomfort but discomfort is only temporary, whereas the rewards of following your heart are long lasting.

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Anne Hartley

Anne Hartley

Anne Hartley is the founder and CEO of Hart Life Coaching Anne is also the author of several books including Financially Free, Love the Life You Live, Love Your Money - Love Your Life and Life Lessons. www.hartlifecoaching.com.au

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