How To Achieve Your Goals When You Don’t Have The Money

When you know you can have your goals and heart’s desires you are excited, you feel happy, you get ready for what you want to come into your life. You look forward to it. When you don’t believe you can have what you want you may say you want something, then worry, complain, blame and focus on all the reasons why you can’t have what it. You may talk about what you want with people who can’t help you.

When you believe you can have your desires you prepare for it. You do your research, training, or whatever it takes so that you will be ready when opportunity comes. We would all like to know how we are going to achieve our goals but very few people do at first. Not knowing is what prevents most people from ever getting started. Put your need to know aside, then take one step after another that will help you achieve your goal.

Some of the things we say are so familiar that we don’t even notice them, and although I am very conscious of what I say most of the time, every now and then something slips out that shows me that I have a belief I need to change. At one time I was making a large amount of money and paying out a large amount of money on home renovations when I said to my daughter, ‘I’m not looking forward to the money being gone’.

I wasn’t even aware of what I had said until my daughter looked horrified and said, ‘Mum, did you hear what you said?’

How To Achieve Your Goals When You Don’t Have The Money

A habit I established years ago, which has served me well, is that I always prepare for what I want. If I need more money, I put money aside for that goal on a regular basis, no matter how small. To me saving even small amounts is a sign of faith that I will get what I want. When I do this the money always comes.

Sometimes preparation takes other forms, I might set up my environment, do a course, or research a holiday it doesn’t really matter what the preparation is as long as it supports the goal that you want to achieve.

Another habit that has served me well is to not talk about my finances. Years ago, when I was poor, I continually talked about the lack of money in my life with my girlfriends. When I became aware that this habit was keeping me stuck I stopped doing it. I made the decision that I would not tell anyone, except those closest to me who need to know, about my financial situation. If you think of money as your best friend, and it can certainly add to the quality of your life, you would not be talking about your best friend to everyone.

There have been many times when the only person who has believed in my goals and dreams is me, and that is okay. The key to success is to act as if you believe you can have what you want. You may not always feel confident, that is perfectly natural, but repeated, consistent action will produce the results you desire.

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