Acceptance + Faith Creates Miracles

I have been blessed to experience many miracles in my life and most of them occurred after a period of struggle which led to total and complete acceptance. I have written about and taught the benefits of being an accepting person for many years but it wasn’t until I lived through a really stressful period in my own life that I fully understood what it meant.

At one time the stress in my life reached a point where I simply had to escape for a short while, so I made a spur of the moment decision to hop on a plane to visit Sedona, one of my favourite places in Arizona. A few days later, after a long flight from Sydney, I checked into a spiritual retreat centre.

This centre has the most amazing energy. On my first morning I stood on my veranda at dawn as the sun rose and I felt as if my spirit had wings and was soaring over the hills. I experienced a state of ecstasy where I felt so connected to the red hills, the Earth and to God that all I could say was, “Thank you.” I loved everything about the place and I knew I was exactly where I needed to be to regain my equilibrium.

Over the next two days I felt emotionally at peace but physically ill and I became aware that I felt really nauseous whenever I was in my cabin and I started to improve when I was out in the fresh air. The cabin smelt strongly of linseed oil, which gives me migraines.

When I heard that a couple were checking out I immediately checked with the office about switching cabins, but my request led to an eviction order by the owner. I very graciously explained that I wasn’t complaining or unhappy and I wasn’t blaming anyone, I just needed a room that didn’t have fumes but I was told in no uncertain terms to leave. After finding a safe haven, then being unfairly evicted for asking for a better room I reached breaking point. I felt there was nothing more I could do and nowhere I could go to find inner peace. I felt that life was so unfair and that I was being unjustly being attacked for no reason, not just by the owner, but by someone at home.

That moment was a turning point. I knew that if I ever wanted to experience joy, and have any quality of life, I had to accept the things that I couldn’t change and that meant I had to stop complaining. I had to stop looking to change the situation. I had to learn to become comfortable with a situation that was unacceptable to me. Becoming an accepting person was hard—I struggled, and I still do at times, but I acted like an accepting person and by doing this I not only found peace but passion and purpose.

Life has presented me with opportunities, time and again, to accept what is and I believe that all surrender is, at its deepest level, is faith. It’s about putting the ego aside, accepting responsibility, doing what you can, then trusting that there is a reason for everything that happens.

I believe that every person who ‘pushes our buttons’ is our teacher. The man who owned the retreat centre became a catalyst for me to learn surrender. That moment of surrender led me to develop my personality archetypes which contain a map for the soul. While I’ve loved a lot of the work that I have done, spiritual coaching, helping others be the person they were born to be, is what I am most passionate about.

Every job we hate has the potential to motivate us to do what we were born to do. Every situation, even the most painful contains a gift for us.


Acceptance does not mean resignation. Being an accepting person does not mean you sit back and accept that you have to put up with conditions that are unjust, or that you don’t look for solutions to your problems. But there is a big difference between being proactive and using force, or insisting that you have to have your way.

Acceptance is not denial. Some people think that if they don’t acknowledge their problems or, if they don’t think about them that they are accepting, in many cases all they are doing is repressing their emotions and the pain remains.

Miracles occur when you live your life as if you already have your heart’s desires. That doesn’t mean going out and spending money you don’t have, quitting a job you dislike, or walking away from your responsibilities. It’s about placing your attention on the daily habits, the little rituals you would participate in if you already had your heart’s desires. It’s about developing an attitude of gratitude for every single thing, even those things and people who challenge you. It is about surrendering to your purpose, understanding that God’s plan for your life may be bigger than your dream.

Acceptance brings peace. Faith is acting as if you have complete trust and confidence, even when you don’t feel confident. When you combine the two you move into an energy field where miracles occur.

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.
Lao Tzu




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Anne Hartley

Anne Hartley

Anne Hartley is the founder and CEO of Hart Life Coaching Anne is also the author of several books including Financially Free, Love the Life You Live, Love Your Money - Love Your Life and Life Lessons.

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    Thank you Anne, for your words on acceptance. Needed this reminder. Xx

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