Continuing Education

Our nationally accredited Certificate in Life Coaching provides all of our graduates with a solid foundation on which to build a career as a life coach, however to become great at coaching takes time and practice.

Our continuing education units builds on the skills learnt in our foundation course and provides coaches with additional tools to use in specialised areas of coaching.  These can be done individually at any time after your initial training, and in some cases alongside your initial training. These units are not accredited, except for the meditation teacher course which is accredited by the IMTA and IICT.

We offer our graduates additional training in:

  • Career Coaching
  • Wellness & Weight Loss Coaching
  • Money Coaching
  • Mindfulness & Meditation teacher course
  • Laser Coaching
Masters in Life Coaching

Career Coaching – When most people choose a career they use  logic and reason to help them make choices. Often people fall into careers because they don’t know what they really want to do, or they look at the skills and attributes they already possess. This way of making choices leads many people to become locked into careers and a lifestyle they don’t really enjoy.

The latest scientific research from HeartMath shows that the heart has an electromagnetic energy field which is 5000 times stronger than the mind, and the heart has more pulling power. We encourage clients to use their heart to make choices and their mind to turn those choices into reality. This unit supports people to become aware of what makes their heart sing, to recognise their potential strengths, and develop those strengths.

Money  Coaching 

Money is the ‘significant other’ in all clients’ lives that they often assume will make them happy just by being there. “The more the merrier,” is what many think, but that’s not always the case. Many clients are held back from fully realising their full potential by ingrained attitudes to money picked up from parents, siblings and significant others.

Money can dredge up challenging emotions or behaviours whenever it’s raised as a subject, and if that’s the case, then you owe it to your clients to be equipped to guide them. Have no doubt about money coaching can save marriages and transform lives.

As a money coach, you can support clients to fulfil their potential as happy spenders, savers, earners and investors, by learning how to communicate honestly and openly with significant others and business associates.

Money coaches look for the clues that shed light on ingrained self-defeating behaviours. They look for the patterns that reveal tensions in individuals and between partners. You will coach clients to gain a deeper understanding of the unconscious beliefs and actions around money that cause them stress, anxiety, and fear.

Our money coaching course includes:

  • Mindfulness and money
  • Money archetypes
  • Work and money values
  • Overcoming financial obstacles
  • Habits that aid goal achievement


Laser Coaching  Laser coaching is a style of coaching that enables coaches to enhance their questioning skills. We believe that we inherently know what we want in life and what we need to do, the right questions brings that knowledge to client’s conscious awareness. It is very powerful.


Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher – This course qualifies graduates to teach mindfulness and meditation, or to coach more in depth on this topic. Some of this course is covered in our certificate course, but this course is much more in depth.

Wellness & Weight Loss Coaching – This is not another course about emotional eating. We help people recognise the triggers which cause them to overeat, recognise how food affects their moods, and helps them to create alternate strategies that support them to achieve their longer term goals.

All of the above mentioned units are considered personal development units and certification comes from Hart Life Coaching. The meditation teacher course is accredited by the International Meditation Teacher Association.

I was a manager in the industry I spent more than 20 years in yet I did not feel fulfilled. Having gone through the course with Anne via teleconference I am building my life coaching business in New Zealand. The course led to ICF membership, helped with identifying my passion and provided practical steps to develop the business.

Along the way I had contact with other students who had varying backgrounds. Anne was able to engage all of us while patiently and calmly guiding us through our self-discovery. I will be forever grateful to Anne for her insight, her methods including Archetypes and Values, her patience and understanding as well her continued support for her students and coaches. If you want to understand yourself better, have a career as a life coach or use coaching in your current profession Anne Hartley and Hart Life Coaching are an absolutely formidable combination!
Dorothy Connor, Life Coach