Mother Theresa a Role Model for Unconditional Love

At one time Mother Theresa was unable to pay the rent on a run down building she and the sisters used for their mission work. When the landlord walked in he took what little food the sisters had towards the rent. Instead of fighting and arguing Mother Theresa blessed him.

When Mother Theresa was building a city of peace to house people who had leprosy, the town council ordered bulldozers to knock down the construction site. Instead of blaming and complaining Mother Theresa sent them love.

When others criticised or unjustly accused her, she simply focused on helping the poor and the sick.

Mother Theresa is probably the most powerful role model of our times for how to love unconditionally. She placed no attention on anything negative or judgemental and believed that God would provide. And because of her unwavering faith she always managed to manifest what she asked for.

When our energy and resources goes towards protecting ourselves against attack, as the western world has been doing for a long time, then the majority of people suffer. When we focus on retaliation and punishment, crime and acts of violence increase.

One person extending kindness and compassion to another starts a chain, then as more people join together the chain grows and strengthens. The more we attention we place onto caring for each other, even those we dislike or fear, the more we become a force for positive change.

Allow life’s challenges to become your motivating force for love and compassion as Mother Theresa did, and you will contribute towards creating a better world.