What Anne’s book readers say about her work…

The following is just a small sampling of what Anne’s readers have said about her books.

Anne’s steps has made me see life as a simple process with the roots stemming from belief. Anne is a true inspiration and genius. She shows compassion, insight and wisdom. I love everything about her books. Kate

I have found Love the Life You Live to be the most significant life-changing self help book I have ever come across. I read it for the first time a few weeks ago (library copy). I have been recommending it left, right and centre to many of my client since. Carol M.

In the 1990’s after reading your book Debt Free I was dismissed from my job. Because of the work I had done with your book I was prepared for what was an unfair situation and managed to convert it to a redundancy. The event occurred 30 minutes before I was going to resign. I used the redundancy to pay down debt and began my new job after a week’s holiday. Carol G.

Anne’s book Love the Life You Live lay on top of a stack of second hand books in a store in downtown Perth. I bought the book because, as usual, I was looking for answers. I read the book on my flight back home to the Maldives. It was the answer to my prayers then and it still provides me with answers today. I read Anne’s book a second, third time and fourth time. I started taking every word, every concept, and every quote into my life. The more my commitment strengthened the more focused I became. As I became more balanced emotionally my communication started changing and I started taking charge of my life. I worked tirelessly on myself in a gentle manner and I learnt self forgiveness. I accepted myself as I was and acknowledged myself for who I am. I learnt to live my values and to make conscious choices and so much more.

My world started changing and I started nurturing people in a natural manner. I started opening up more and reaching out to people. The more I gave the more I got. I was nominated onto the National Chamber Board as the first woman in 25 years, not because of my financial status, but because of my drive to improve the environment for small businesses in the Maldives. Success is not something that is in the future, it is here and right now when you act as if you believe. Anthu Arif

I am an avid reader of motivational type books and have read many over the years by Tony Robbins, Denis Waitley and the like. Whilst I have enjoyed and gained from these books, nothing has given me the enthusiasm that Anne’s books have. After searching for the perfect career I’ve found it thanks to Anne. Kate

I couldn’t put Financially Free down and read it in one day. Finally a book, not on how to get rich quick, but how to deal with your money and your mindset. This book has changed the way I think. Tracy

Of all the self help books I have read over the past year or so, close to one a week, Financially Free has been the most practical, inspiring and encouraging. It is my constant companion and I refer to it daily. Robyn

Your books have inspired me in many ways and helped my healing journey to a place in life that I used to wonder if I would ever reach. Well I’m here now and it’s thanks to your books and courses. I am enjoying life’s journey rather than existing through it. Tina

I have just read Love the Life You Live and I thought it to be one of the best life awareness books that I have read. Anne wrote it in such a manner that I found the 10 steps uncomplicated and easy to understand. Cheryle

I bought your book Love the Life You Live but my husband has not put it down. Lyn

I am writing to you because I promised myself I would if my dream came true. Well today it did and I want to thank you for your wonderful advice in Financially Free. Kathy

I have just finished reading ‘The Psychology of Money’ for the second time and am re-reading ‘Financially Free’ yet again. I have gained a great deal of practical information from your work that I feel I can easily incorporate into my life. I feel totally empowered to make the difference I have been dreaming of for so long. Sue

Your books Financially Free and Debt Free have been so useful to me. They really helped me to see how money fitted into my life and how it related to my self esteem, I have read and re-read them constantly. Heidi

I recently read your book Debt Free and until I read that book I couldn’t understand my feelings about being in debt. I want to thank you for giving me the knowledge, skills and inspiration to understand and take control of my financial situation. Heather

Dividing your book into two sections helped me feel better about the way I relate to money. It put me into a positive mindset. …I am now valuing money and enjoying being a savings junkie. Anna

I would like to say how inspirational your book Debt Free has been for me. I separated from my husband and took nothing from the marriage except for my personal belongings, my children and my cat. I also took a credit card debt which expanded as I borrowed for a car and to pay bills. In the last 6 months, after following the guidelines in your book, I am not only debt free I have $3000 in the bank. I am only working 3 days a week but with the influence of your book I believe in myself and my ability to control my finances. Fiona

I loved the Psychology of Money which is why I am sending for a second copy for my sister in England. When I was in England last year my sister and I talked late into the night on many things and one of those was your book. Looking back we could see how often when we were on the verge of success we did something utterly idiotic like changing direction, or goals. Ann

I have just completed Financially Free, which has helped speed up my change in attitude regarding money. Thanks to the ideas in the book my dining table always has flowers on it, the table is always set at dinner time, my husband and my wallet always has money in it and money readily available. Our spirits have lifted 100%. Donna

I have just finished reading your book Financially Free and was absolutely thrilled by it. It has opened my mind to a whole new set of thought patterns. Now I feel as if I do have a choice without sacrificing my life style. The prospect of what I can do fills me with so much excitement. Marie

I bought your book Financially Free as a gift for my wife and read it myself. It is one of the best reads on financial issues I have come across. Paul

I have just finished reading the Psychology of Money. I couldn’t put it down and will be reading it again very soon. It’s been a wonderful contribution to my personal education and no doubt to my children’s when they are older. For the first time in my life I have actually been able to sit down and read two books on money. Money is something I have rejected and feared for a long time. Reading the Psychology of Money was a revelation, I never thought someone who handles money matters and is successful could have such a spiritual awareness. Marie

I have just finished reading your book Financially Free and quite frankly I couldn’t put it down. It has enlightened me and given me hope. Julia

Your book is marvellous I instantly felt that nothing could get in the way of making my life a success. Jeffrey

After reading Financially Free I feel better about myself and I am setting goals and looking forward. Helen

I have just finished Financially free and found it extremely interesting and encouraging. I got some wonderful advice with regard to my finances and well being. Diana

I bought your book Debt Free and realized I was really locked into struggle. Thank you for some really practical advice on managing financial affairs, while at the same time examining the true reasons for the struggle. And thanks for making it so readable. Lesley

I truly cherish your book Financially Free. My sister and I have dubbed it the bible and re-read it regularly for both motivation and whenever we need an uplift. Allyson

I am writing to thank you for being such an inspiration to women, particularly wome who are divorced or single. You have shown us that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Lindsey

I read your book and it is going to revolutionise my life. I very much like the wholistic approach and how you treat the individual as a complex person able to learn and change. Maree