Hart Life Coaching: Our Vision, Mission & Values

At Hart Life Coaching we love our work. Coaching and training on happiness and how to create a productive and meaningful life is one of the most rewarding careers there is.

Our vision is to make a significant contribution to individual and world happiness and harmony, to empower individuals, to lead by example.

Our values are integrity, acceptance, inspiration and joy

We demonstrate integrity by being upfront and transparent in all business dealings.

We accept all people as they are and show no bias towards race, gender or beliefs.

We aim to inspire all who train with us to go out into the world and make a positive difference in the lives of others.

We aim to aid as many people as we can to be more joyful through teaching valuable life skills.


How Hart Life Coaching started

Hart Life Coaching Pty Ltd began training life coaches in 1999, and we were one of the first life coach training schools in Australia. We are the only life coach training school using the acclaimed Heart Coaching Model, which is a holistic coaching model. The Heart Coaching Model recognises that our heart is more powerful than our mind (science backs this finding).

Hart Life Coaching Pty Ltd is owned by Anne Hartley, the founder and creator of all of our training programs. Anne Hartley owned a number of successful businesses prior to starting Hart Life Coaching and is a successful author.

For most of her life Anne, like many people Anne made choices based on her intellect, and found they didn’t make her any happier. It took a mid-life crisis to motivate Anne to go searching for a better way to live, her search culminated in ten steps that she used to turn her life around. When Anne started working as a life coach, she used the steps which changed her own life and over time developed and expanded them to become the Heart Coaching Model. At that time many people asked Anne to teach them to coach using her model, and in 1999 she founded Hart Life Coaching, the training school.

Mindfulness and meditation practice are two of the most powerful tools we can use to create a meaningful life. Anne, already a long time meditator, distilled decades of practical experience in teaching mindfulness meditation and running a successful coaching business into the internationally certified Mindfulness Teacher Training and Meditation Teacher Training.

You can find out more about Anne under our trainers.

We are a boutique training school, which means that we are small enough to provide you with individual attention and know you personally, yet large enough to provide you with an internationally recognised qualification and first class training.

We train life coaches, mindfulness and meditation teachers.

ACTSH accreditation, IMMA accreditation, approved training provider for complimentary therapists, nationally recognised provider

Hart Life Coaching Pty Ltd is owned by Anne Hartley, the founder and creator of all of our training programs.

Our office is located in Bayview NSW. As a life coaching business, we aim to leave a low carbon footprint and be respectful of all we associate with.

At Hart Life Coaching we want to make a real difference in the lives of everyone who trains with us.

You won’t get the hard sell from us or any hype.

We walk our talk, and the many beautiful testimonials we receive from people who train with us confirm this time and time again.

Six years ago a friend gave me a book to read. That one book was a catalyst that started a journey of self-discovery, newfound awareness and excitement about the possibility of life. Anne Hartley’s intuitive and commonsense words resonated strongly and stayed with me, to be recommended as a read time and time again. In the ensuing years I kept returning to Anne’s site, drawn to the potential of extending these liberating learning’s into a new career opportunity. I explored other coach training options but kept returning to Anne’s as it provided a more holistic, real and heart-based method. Six years after reading “Love the Life You Live”, I started my coach training journey. Initially hesitant of the teleconference method (as a visual learner) I am pleased to find the discussions stimulating, enlightening, and definitely a factor in cementing the learning materials. If I miss a class a downloadable recording is available so there is no excuse to get behind. Teleconference sessions are supported by extensive materials and a social media presence. What better way to learn than by exploring the concepts on yourself. To anyone unsure of the coaching journey, I can only say “Go for it!” But be warned, you must be prepared to come to know yourself, and to enter into a life of infinite possibility!!!

Tina Drummond