About Hart Life Coaching

Hart Life Coaching began training life coaches in 1999, then added meditation and mindfulness teacher training.

We were a registered training organisation offering a nationally recognised qualification in life coaching. When our accreditation fell due for renewal in 2018, we decided not to renew and to continue with the International Coach Federation approval for our course. This is the international industry standard.

ACTSH accreditation, IMMA accreditation, approved training provider for complimentary therapists, nationally recognised provider

Hart Life Coaching is owned by Anne Hartley, who is also the creator of our courses. Anne’s work is about personal empowerment and living a meaningful, happy life. This is Anne’s story:

Anne Hartley, CEO and founder of Hart Life Coaching

When I was in my twenties, I lived on the poverty line as a single mother of two. At that time, I read every inspirational book I could get my hands on and started my first business, a typing service with absolutely no money. My business started by word of mouth and each time I got a typing job I hired a typewriter and worked from my kitchen table late at night once my children were asleep. That simple business helped me to believe in myself and I knew that one day I wanted to empower other women.

Over the next ten years, I started several small businesses, most of which I sold for a profit before deciding to return to work in the corporate world.  I did courses on the stock market and investments during that time and I was one of the few women to be licensed to give investment advice, which led to my being offered a role setting up and managing a financial advisory service for women by one of the major financial advisory businesses. I later took over this business under a licensing agreement.

During the eighties, women were mostly ignorant about financial matters and investments. Many women who lost their husbands through death or divorce, didn’t know how to write cheques, younger women knew very little about superannuation (it was not compulsory in those days), and banks did not lend to women for homes or business loans without a male guarantor. I was at the forefront of women’s education on financial matters and it was during that time I started teaching my first course Financially Free, which incorporated attitudes to money as well as practical advice, and Financially Free, the book became my first best-selling book.

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  • By the time I reached my late forties I’d achieved a lot of my personal goals, but I felt lost, I felt I had strayed from my path and I didn’t know what I wanted. I experience a major mid-life crisis which was one of the best things that happened to me. Seeking a way to change my life I experimented and created ten steps that turned my life around. Those ten steps became a course, then a book called Love the Life You Live, then a life coach training program.

    Even though I resisted where I was at many times, I can now see that every job, every problem led me to a better place, or helped me learn the skills that enable me to do the work I do today. I believe that there is an ideal path in life for each one of us and when we are on our path life flows. When we stop resisting what is and look for the good we find that we can be happy, even when life challenges us.

    What makes my life meaningful is sharing what I learn with others. If you want to make a difference with your life, I hope you will sign up to my blog, or enrol in a course with me. I don’t teach all of our courses myself these days, but you can connect with me by phone or email at any time, and I continue to mentor graduates who have trained with me.

    To date I have written the following books:

    • Financially Free
    • Debt Free
    • The Psychology of Money
    • Love the Life you Live
    • Love your money, Love your Life
    • Life Lessons
    Hart Life Coaching Logo

    Our office is located in Bayview NSW. As a life coaching business, we aim to leave a low carbon footprint and be respectful of all we associate with.

    At Hart Life Coaching we want to make a real difference in the lives of everyone who trains with us.

    You won’t get the hard sell from us or any hype.

    We walk our talk, and the many beautiful testimonials we receive from people who train with us confirm this time and time again.

    What our students say:

    I feel very grateful to have had the opportunity to learn about mindfulness & meditation in such an encouraging and informative environment. It really has been an inspirational and healing experience for me participating in your course and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing what you were meant to do on this earth and so encouraging and enabling others to do the same.

    Caroline Nicholls

    I loved the training material and have printed and binded the manual (meditation) which I will refer to regularly. What a huge job to undertake, I can imagine the amount of energy that went into producing this! I have thoroughly enjoyed the course. Such a pathway for sharing an incredible gift with the world.” (Melanie rated our course 10 out 10)

    Melanie Morley

    This is a well-structured and thought out course (mindfulness) with relevant and practical material. With so many courses out there I believe it is not about who has the cheapest course, but who has the best content in order to teach. (Suzannah rated our course 10 out of 10)

    Suzannah Mason


    Last updated: 1 May 2019