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Become a Certified Life Coach

Life Coaching is in demand as it is a proven method for empowering people to gain insight and take control over their lives. Training life coaches to be successful in this mission is our passion founded on experience and knowledge gained for more than two decades of working with life coaches and coaching.

Our life coaching training course covers the Heart Life Coaching Method by Anne Hartley as well as practical training to equip you with the skills and techniques to work with clients. We also offer an additional course on starting your own business covering technical aspects and the practical reality of being a business owner.

If you are looking to change your career or move to a new direction, our internationally approved life coach certification can be the step in the right direction.

Become a Certified Meditation Teacher

Meditation is a life skill that's become increasingly integrated into personal wellbeing as well as into successful businesses. And not without reason. Meditation can help us gain clarity and calmness necessary to live a meaningful life.

Our Certified Meditation Teacher Training Course is a cost-effective solution that can empower you to widen your career skill set and start practising meditation in school, prison or elderly care setting, as many of our students are doing. Alternatively, you can gain necessary skills and knowledge to run your meditation classes and teach others.

Alongside learning different meditation styles, relaxation techniques and mindfulness, you will also learn how to convey the benefits of meditation and plan your meditation courses.

Start learning today and advance your career with our internationally approved meditation teacher certification.

Become a Certified Mindfulness Teacher

In our busy lives, mindfulness offers a path toward emotional balance, meaning and happiness in life. Individuals and businesses are attracted to mindfulness due to its simplicity and powerful effects on stress reduction.

Our IMMA Certified Mindfulness and Teacher Training Course is a cost-effective solution that can empower you to widen your career skill set and start practising mindfulness in school, prison or elderly care setting, as many of our students are doing. Alternatively, you can gain the necessary skills and knowledge to run your mindfulness classes and coach others.

Alongside learning the scientific basis of mindful living, forest bathing mindfulness and Heart Coherence meditation, you will also learn how to plan your mindfulness classes and approach practical topics like mindful eating or how to be mindful with money.

Start learning today and advance your career with our internationally approved mindfulness certification.

Easy, personalised and affordable career courses

Our most popular training courses, Life Coach Training and Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher Training are tailored to suit the busy lifestyle of full-time workers who are looking to boost their career or start their own business.

The courses are conducted through online and webinar sessions, with full course workbooks, exercises and materials available offline.

As our students say, our classes are engaging, fun and doable to people of all ages, and we have had students from 22 to 72 study with us. Time and time again our students testify how surprisingly easy and affordable they found our career courses to be.

Two decades of teaching experience

Anne Hartley founded Hart Life Coaching in 1999 with a goal to share with others her life coaching experience and life coaching model, the Heart process.

Since then, we have trained life coaches, meditation teachers and we are now training mindfulness teachers.

We are a boutique training school, which means that we are small enough to provide you with individual attention and know you personally, yet large enough to provide you with an internationally recognised qualification and first class training.

Internationally Approved Certification

The Life Coaching Training Course is approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT).

Our Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher courses are accredited by the International Mindfulness and Meditation Alliance, and approved by the International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT). These qualifications enable you to gain insurance and join relevant associations.

Give us a call

We believe that personal contact is irreplaceable. In case you have any questions about the courses or about payment options we can offer you, don't hesitate to give us a call at +61 2 9940 1575

What our students are saying

Studying Life Coaching with Anne Hartley was inspiring, rewarding and challenging at the same time. I felt that I grew so much with this course. The Heart Process is a holistic, insightful and practical process. I always found it fascinating to learn about it. I am grateful for the great tools and life coaching skills. Studying with a small group through teleconference was very convenient as I live remotely although I was a bit nervous about this style of learning before I started. It was not only convenient but also kept me motivated. I had to pause studying half way through when I got pregnant and had a baby. However, thanks to Anne’s flexibility and great support, I was able to successfully complete the course. I highly recommend Hart Life Coaching to anyone who would like to be a life coach as well as for those who are on a journey of self discovery
Yuki Nishino

Yuki Nishino

“The thing that distinguished Anne’s course from the other options in the Australian coach training market was that the basis for her course seemed to stem from the genuine desire to support people in living their truth.The other courses I investigated certainly had the ‘glitz’ and glamour one would suspect from the bigger training schools, but Hart Life Coaching had the ‘heart’ that I was looking for.The training I received under Anne has not only shifted the way in which I live my life, but also the lives of my clients, my own family, loved ones and friends.”
Greer Sakul

Greer Sakul

Life Coach

To be trained under the guidance of Anne is to enter into a life changing process of personal growth. It is evident from the first meeting with Anne that one is getting in touch with the most profound yet practical of teachings available to would be coaches.The training model is comprehensive and structured, equipping the trainee with a core curriculum of cutting-edge exercises and tools. Anne has fine-tuned a very original approach that works because in a short time period i have confronted myself with the ten-step challenge and made significant changes in my daily habits. The training is fun and supportive keeping a good balance between theory and practice staying loyal to her values model.

Steve Zolezzi PhD

Registered psychologist and life coach

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