Your Life’s Purpose
Understanding Yourself. Your Life. Your Purpose.

A  6 week  webinar 

If you put bees in an open bottle and place the base of the bottle facing a light the bees will fly towards the light and remain trapped.

Many people act just like bees. They set intellectual goals expecting that the achievement of those goals will make them happy and when they don’t feel any happier they set more intellectual goals. And, just like the bees they become trapped by their story.

Your story is what you tell others, and yourself, about why your life is the way it is. It is the conversation that you repeatedly have with a friend about something that irritates you, or a problem you are experiencing. Your story is such a familiar part of you that most of the time you cannot see how it is running your life.

Your stories can be about feelings, relationships, health, work, money and lifestyle. It often becomes the conversation you engage in when you feel stressed or challenged. Your story includes choices and decisions you have made about what you can have, what you are capable of and how supported or loved you are.

Your stories becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The way out of your story is through awareness. When you understand yourself. Understand others. Understand your life challenges. You gain clarity and with clarity you have the potential to make wiser choices.

Your personality contains a map for your soul that shows you the ideal path you are meant to take in life. What challenges you may face. What your strengths are. How to move beyond your challenges. The gifts you have to share.

Life purpose is always about sharing your gifts.

Following a particularly difficult period in her life when she struggled to accept the unacceptable, Anne Hartley started gaining insight into different personalities. These insights developed into the nine archetypes which this course is based on. Understanding your archetypes and the duality some cause can be liberating and empowering.

No one archetype, or combination of archetypes is any better than another, although we may find some personalities more challenging to deal with than others.

To change your story and understand your life purpose you need tools to work with. This course can provide you with insight, knowledge and tools to transform your life into something special.

Anne believes that you do not find your life purpose, your purpose finds you, all you have to do is follow your path.

This course is for everyone and it will be particularly valuable you if you:

  • sometimes wonder what your life is all about.
  • are going through a transition period e.g. death, divorce, retirement where you are not sure what your future holds.
  • feel as if your life is lacking purpose.
  • are at a crossroad and not sure what’s the right path for you.
  • seem to keep repeating the same old patterns.

This is a very special course, and there is nothing else like it. It can be life changing.

Enrolments open January 2018.