Understanding Your Dharma Webinar

6 week  course  held Tuesday nights at 7.30pm AEDT 20/2/18 – 27/3/18

Conducted by Anne Hartley

There are times in life when we feel confused and are not sure what road to take. At other times we go through transition periods when relationships end, someone dies, we lose our job, or retire. What we do at these crossroad determines who we become and what the quality of our lives will be.

This course is based on nine personality archetypes, developed by Anne Hartley, that help you understand your life purpose. Your personality contains a map for your soul which shows you what makes you happy, what challenges you may face, the values conflicts you may experience, the strengths you need to develop to overcome your fears and gifts you have to share. Our purpose is never about getting it is always about sharing our gifts.

At different life stages it’s not uncommon to feel confused, so at different life stages our focus shifts onto different aspects of our purpose. Gaining clarity as to this purpose helps us navigate those difficult times.

By understanding archetypes you not only understand yourself better, you understand others better as will. This supports you to establish more harmonious relationships.

Although this course is for everyone it will be particularly valuable for you if you:

  • sometimes wonder what your life is all about.
  • are going through a transition period e.g. death, divorce, retirement where you are not sure what your future holds.
    feel as if your life is lacking purpose.
  • are at a crossroad and not sure what’s the right path for you.
  • seem to keep repeating the same old patterns.


This is a very special course, and there is not anything like it that we know about. It can be life changing.

Enrolments open beginning January.