The Journey of Your Soul is an online course designed to assist you to understand your life purpose.

While the course is ideal for anyone who loves to learn it will be particularly valuable for you if you:
sometimes wonder what your life is all about.
are going through a transition period e.g. death, divorce, retirement where you are not sure what your future holds.
feel as if your life is lacking purpose.
are at a crossroad and not sure what’s the right path for you.
seem to keep repeating the same old patterns.

There can be many times in life when we come to a crossroad where we have to make a choice. Sometimes those choices are major and sometimes the choices we make affect our entire lives. It’s the sum of our choices that determines who we become and what the quality of our lives will be.

We believe that our life comes with a map in the form of our personality and this is what this course is all about, helping you interpret your life’s map so that you can make choices that support you to be the best and happiest person you can be.

The content of this course is centred around nine personality archetypes, developed by Anne Hartley. When you understand these archetypes your relationships improve, you know yourself better, you are better equipped to handle challenges, you can end suffering and you discover the gifts that you have to share.

Coming in 2018. Register your interest now.