What people say about our courses


I found the life coaching course extremely beneficial and it met all I was seeking. I was confident about the kind of coach I could be, and sought a course that would fill in the gaps: train me in the coach/client relationship, how to structure my business and engage with clients, gain insight via case studies as well as real experience from the trainers, and gain a wide range of tools/resources. All of this was achieved through this program. And it was fun to engage with other students!

Victoria Heron


Hart Life Coaching provided me with flexible online study that I could do around work commitments. Meditation is a great course to study online as it not only teaches you about becoming a meditation teacher, but also helps to put your learning about awareness, in all aspects of your life, into practice.

Linda Botting


Thanks so much for your guidance and advice during the Mindfulness & Meditation teacher course. I have absolutely loved the course and feel I have learnt so much and improved my own practice and life balance. I am looking forward to helping others in the area of mindfulness and meditation. I currently teach at a prison and it looks like I might have the opportunity in coming months to teach some Mindfulness and Meditation courses to prisoners.

Meagan Ward

hands2I completed the life coach training course online and really enjoyed the course content, it resonated with me greatly and was of good quality. My mentor coach was great.

Melanie McGuire PhD




Both Anne and Julie were terrific.  Anne was very responsive if ever I had queries and I enjoyed her manner on the calls, videos and in the oral assessment too.  She freely shared her experiences in a direct manner and I appreciated her authenticity.  Julie supervised the coaching and gave good feedback and encouragement, and she also provided additional support during the Marketing phase, and overall both she and Anne really demonstrated an interest in wanting to see us students complete the course and get coaching! I gave the course a 10 out of 10.

Nicola Henderson

hands2I found the course to be relevant, interesting and comprehensive. The material was user friendly. The training support was excellent.

Evelyn Koppel



hands2I thoroughly enjoyed studying the Mindfulness and Meditation Certificate offered by  Hart Life Coaching. The content was interesting, thought provoking  and covered a broad range of subjects. The resources provided were significant and useful especially when conducting sessions. The length of the assignments was manageable. Thank you.

Maureen Meredith


The manual was concise and easy to follow however, it was the teleconference sessions that really moulded the information for me, it added a great deal of depth to the course. Everyone was able to speak and have their questions answered. The feedback on the written assignments was very helpful. Not only have I found the course insightful into my own thought systems, but it is also very comprehensive in the way that it guides you in helping others. Anne is always there to help and extremely approachable, she has a great knowledge of her subject and leads you concisely through each stage. I would definitely recommend this course to others.
Shelby Ingram

hands2I have attended many courses, the majority of which did not deliver the promise, however Anne Hartley’s Certificate and Diploma in Life Coaching course exceeded my expectations many times over. Anne’s gift to the world is found in her teaching of prospective life coaches and it is a marvellous experience just to listen to her. The workbooks and materials associated with the course were delivered to my door ready for the first of many lessons done by way of telephone conference calls.  This method of teaching and learning works so well and is superior to the traditional classroom attendance. Anne’s gift of teaching and the detailed course materials made the Life Coaching course the best course I have ever done. I now embark on a life coaching career knowing that I am fully prepared to help others with the wisdom imparted to me by Anne Hartley.

                                         Jeffrey Botton-James

hands2I have recently completed the Mindfulness & Meditation teachers Course. I really enjoyed learning about the different ways to meditate & the long term benefits that it has on our health. Since completing the course I find myself teaching others what I have learnt  through conversation, I truly believe in mindfulness & meditation as a means to sufferers from not only mental health issues but mostly from one’s own thoughts & inner conflicts. I highly recommend this course for those who want to learn more about understanding of your own thoughts, where stress comes from, how to elevate conflict within yourself & ultimately how to be a better, healthier you & to do the same for others. I loved the course & the way in which it is delivered.
Rachel Dickey


Barbara-Andreatta-Life-CoachI met Anne in a most serendipitous manner and our encounter has had a profound effect on my life. I have always believed that the universe is a vast web of interwoven possibilities, but Anne showed me how to draw from its energy field to start creating the life that I really want for myself. I could not thank Anne enough for so generously bestowing on me the gift of infinite possibilities!
Anne, you are a fantastic coach/trainer, as well as a very caring and compassionate human being! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You inspire me to be the best coach I can be!

Barbara Andreatta

Zora HarvieAnne’s depth of knowledge and professionalism is unsurpassed. A woman of wisdom, depth of knowledge, integrity with an open heart, she is an asset to all who meet her. When I started my life coach training with Anne I thought I knew myself pretty well during the course I accessed information about myself at an unexpected deep level. The processes are practical, and although they are simple to apply they can reach incredible depth if needed.Anne’s openness, integrity and genuine heartfelt care for her coaching students allowed me go to access greater depth of knowledge about myself and life coaching. I am confident that the skills I have learnt are of great benefit to anyone wanting to change their life circumstances or gain greater understanding of themselves.
Zora Harvie

Life coach Jill Mason, Life coaching QueenslandThank you Anne for giving me the skills and confidence to become a life coach. The course provided me with great skills, tools and knowledge for me to start my own life coaching business. Without this course it would not have been possible. Thank you!

Jill Mason

 Life coach Christine CowinMy Life Coaching Course with Anne was one of my best decisions I’ve made. I thoroughly enjoyed Anne’s course it was easy to follow and Anne was a great mentor during the course. I found her course so easy to follow and understand I was able to work through and complete the course early and pass it. I highly recommend the Hart Life Coaching Course to anyone wanting to                                                 become a Life Coach.


Christine Cowin

Jen-MorrisThis course teaches a structured yet flexible approach to coaching. I enjoyed having a plan in place to know where the coaching would go, but also really appreciate the fact that it is not rigid and allows for the coach and client to spend time exploring other things as they come along. By applying the Heart Process to my own life I have learnt so much about myself including what makes me happy and how to be more like the person I want to be. Using Anne’s archetypes and values I can better understand myself and make positive changes more easily in my life. By using the Heart Process in my own life I am now able to help clients find meaning and fulfilment in their own lives. Anne’s process encourages not just training as a coach, but also development for yourself. In this sense I am able to give my clients authentic advice as I myself have been (and continue to go) through the process. Thank you Anne for helping me align my daily life more closely with my purpose.

Jennifer Morris

Janina SuzanneMy decision to complete the Hart Life Coaching Course has enabled me to understand my needs and wants and to live a more authentic life. The ‘Heart Process’ has helped me understand what makes me happy and the importance of making choices from my heart.I have always wanted to work from home doing something that I love. Life Coaching has provided me with this life changing career that I can also travel with because I coach over the telephone/Skype. I now feel confident that I have the skills, tools and structure to truly help my clients create lives that they love living. I feel great satisfaction in being part of this process that moves people forward into a more fulfilling and peaceful and happier life. Thank you Anne and the Hart Life Coaching Team.
Janina Suzanne

life coach coursesI first trained with Anne in 2001 and I’m currently upgrading my qualifications in her diploma course. Her whole course resonates with my soul and my heart. Being drawn back to it now, I know that I am doing the work that I am here on this Earth to do. The teleconferencing course has been wonderful and Anne has been very flexible for me considering I have two young children. Her ongoing support has helped me live to my values and I am so excited about what my coaching career will bring. Thank you Anne for everything and I look forward to continue working with you and Hart Life Coaching through my career.

Heather Lindsay

life coach courses Meeting and working with Anne, both as a client and a student have been two of the most positive transformational experiences in my life. I initially found Anne Hartley as a life coach. She helped me get through some very difficult times. In one session she helped me see my experiences through a very different lens which helped relieve a great deal of pressure and paved the way for positive change. The subsequent coaching sessions consolidated these changes. One year later, I am still very grateful for her help.The thought of studying life coaching was very daunting at first. However, Anne’s patience, support and encouragement made the difference. Especially during the practical portion of the course, I was surprised at the improvement in skill level and confidence among students. I very much enjoyed receiving feedback after each session. I’m still surprised how much of a positive difference one or two coaching ideas can make.I highly recommend studying to be a life coach with Hart Life coaching.

Rita G.

Matt Mason life coachWhen I was looking for a suitable life coaching course Hart Life Coaching’s course instantly felt like the perfect one for me. And now that I have almost completed the course I couldn’t be happier with my decision. The Hart Life Coaching course has been so much more than I was hoping for and I feel like I am now truly living my life’s purpose. The content is astoundingly effective and the method of delivery flexible to suit anyone.


Matt Mason

Melissa Katz

Two years ago, when I turned 40, I was looking for a change and decided to train with Hart Life Coaching.  The course totally transformed the way I think and by adopting Anne’s philosophy and approach my daily life began to improve and change. I gained self-worth, motivation and confidence. Most of all I started believing in myself again. I now run my own life coaching business and impart what I have learned to others. I still have coaching with Anne and I highly regard her input. She is always available to listen and give me a push when needed. I recommend this course to anyone who is stuck and needs to move out of their comfort zone. It will change your view of the world and your life!

Melissa Katz

Rob Baker, life coach

Anne Hartley’s huge talent lies in marrying her passion for helping others with her effective ability to communicate life enhancing strategies which we can all benefit from – Her work is clearly motivated from a place of love rather than ego.



Rob Baker

Leigh Edwards

Going through the Hart Life Coaching Program has been a truly enriching experience. I have grown personally and have walked away feeling truly equipped to be able establish my own coaching practice offering a high quality coaching experience for clients.Having been coached using other coaching models, I found the Heart Process to be better, it truly sets coaches and clients up for success. The process gives coaches a clear map to guide them which gives clients the structure they require to make lasting, positive changes to their life. I have only praise for Anne and her team at Hart Life Coaching.

Leigh Edwards

aminatharifAnne’s book “Live the life you love” lay on top of a stack of second handbooks in a store in downtown Perth. I picked it up because I was as usual looking for answers. I took Anne’s book with me and read it on the flight back home. I finished reading it before I got to Male.Was Anne’s book the answer to my prayers? That was what the book gave me and that is what it gives me today. That is what I love most about the book and the whole approach Anne has.  I read the book a second time and a third time and a fourth time. I started taking every word, every concept, and every “quote” into my life. I looked at the website. I wanted to do the course but I had no money.One day early 2004, I thought I will write to Anne and tell her what I want and the worst I would get is a “NO”. I was inspired by her and I did not fear “NO” and Anne said yes. I was committed to it and my thinking started clearing and I became more focused.  I was patient and became emotionally balanced.  My communication started changing and I started taking charge of my life. I worked tirelessly on myself in a gentle manner and I learnt self forgiveness. I accepted myself as I was and acknowledged myself for who I was. I learnt to live my values and choices consciously and so much more.Before I completed the certificate program I was invited to do a life skill seminar for a company. I talked about it to so many companies, resort owners and individuals. More than individual’s clients I found it better to approach companies. But then my challenge came. I needed to conduct the program in Dhivehi.Success is not something that is in the future, It is here and right now. However I wanted to offer Anne some concrete measures of success.I found an investor who gave me USD30,000.00 to start my school non refundable and no share in the school, because he has observed my work for the last few years and he appreciates me.I started my school on 2nd July 2007 and on 20th August was the first intake of trainees (15 boys) to be trained as waiters in Hospitality. All trainees go through the life coaching process.

25 new trainees are starting on 20th Nov 2007.

20 trainees will start next month.

I have also taken the full ten step program in Dhivehi and integrated it into the Entrepreneurship trainings that I conduct for communities in Maldives supported by United Nations Development Program.
Anthu Arif

Anthu was a highly respected and passionate advocate of education for the young and disadvantaged, and of women’s involvement in all aspects of society, particularly business. Sadly she died in 2011, from burns gained while attempting to extinguish a man who caught fire at a barbeque. It was a privilege to train her.
Anne Hartley

life coach coursesI had wanted to do Anne’s course for a very long time after I read her books and “bells” went off in my head. I was finally in a position to do so this year and it was the best decision I have ever made. Whilst learning to be a Life Coach, you are on an inner discovery journey about yourself, and so many things change for you personally, and what a fabulous tool that is when you begin to teach other people, you can then bring a true knowledge and understanding to your clients.

My best description for this process is that I feel the pieces of the Jigsaw that is me and were scattered and not fitting together, are now sliding back into place smoothly, fitting together as I learn more and more. I highly recommend this course and the wonderful Anne Hartley to anyone who wishes to be a coach or just for personal growth.
Janet Kirk

Sue MatthewWhen I chose to train as a life coach with Hart Life Coaching I listened to my heart. I’m very glad I did! I came through the course well prepared and well resourced for life coaching…and incredibly happy to be helping people to flourish – I feel I’ve come home.Anne Hartley is a delight. Anne lives her values and models the coaching she teaches beautifully; she is warm, open, generous and accepting. Training with Anne has been a pleasure. From the first e mail and through the months ahead, there has been grace and ease in each step of the training the process.Anne guided, affirmed and encouraged each of us throughout the training; supporting us to find our strengths and our gifts as coaches. I found the telephone conferencing excellent (I wasn’t sure I’d like this bit); Anne brings respect, equality, wisdom and joy to the calls and creates an atmosphere of laughter and learning. As an added bonus: the training is easy to fit in around family and work commitments, there’s no travel time and the carbon footprint is tiny.The results of working with the Heart Process are very tangible in my own life, in the lives of my clients and through to loved ones and beyond. Being happy has a big flow on effect!
Sue Matthew

life coach coursesThank you for a great course. I have learned a great deal about myself. I enjoyed your honesty about yourself and your own imperfections which is very refreshing as so often course leaders come across as being perfect which of course is not the case.


Gerard McCarthy

Svetlana WinnFor a great number of years I have been on a journey of self discovery and all along I thought I knew myself pretty well. To my surprise, after learning ‘The Heart’ process (as used by a Hart Life Coach) it has only deepened my awareness and understanding about myself. The Heart process is truly a remarkable approach for having an individual work on connecting with their heart and mind. Thank you Anne for your ‘magic’ and the opportunity to learn how to be really happy in our lives.

Svetlana Winn

life coach coursesHaving always been interested in personal growth I decided do a course in life coaching and was drawn to Anne Hartley’s  “Heart Process” coaching website because of the genuine presentation of the courses that Anne offered.

I found Anne’s experience and wisdom through her mentoring, books and weekly teleconferencing truly enriching and am inspired to pursue my own career as a Hart Life Coach.

Pam Nelson

life coach coursesI would like to say thank you for your course and coaching. It has been a positive and progressive time having brought continual growth and change, and I am greateful that Hart Life coaching was a catalyst in my initiating personal breakthroughs as well as providing to direction to begin as a life coach.


Jaye Stanford

Helen HarveyI loved doing the Hart Coaching life coach training. This  values based coaching really resonated with me. I learned down to earth tools for enhancing all areas of my life and manifesting my dreams. My clients enjoy using the ten step process, and as a result, have made positive changes to their lives.


Helen Harvey

Al GentlemanThe course was very helpful for me in that I was forced to dig deeper into the teachings and content of what Anne was saying in her books and workbook.  Having homework to do was a good discipline in the midst of my busy life. I found Anne very knowledgeable about life coaching and what she said was very helpful and supportive.


Al Gentleman

Kerrie ButlerI started a counselling course feeling the desire to support and help people, the correspondence proved difficult and the pressure of the course saw me becoming despondent and distracted from pursuing the thing I felt was the answer to my questions.  Thus I was left still roaming around unfulfilled and wanting.The answers to my search started to evolve when I volunteered to be a practice client for an amazing connection of mine who was working towards being a Life Coach.  I became clearer in many areas especially around the obstacles I placed on myself and the limits I set.  My confidence in my educational abilities after being a stay at home Mum for so long left me doubting my abilities.  This is when Life Coaching opened its doorway to me. I was recommended to read Anne Harley’s Book “Love The Life You Live and to look at her coaching course.It all just fell into place, I felt comfortable talking to Anne, her web site and style of coaching attracted me.  I was drawn to the course because it came from the heart.  It felt realistic having a style that would relate to all walks of life.  It had a strong values base with professional knowledge to support it.  I felt confident that I wouldn’t be out of my depth and was proven right in the weeks to follow.The coaching proved to be a strong foundation for what lay ahead in my life.  It was during this period that my 19 year marriage began to dissolve something I was not expecting.  It was with the work I had been learning together with the support of Anne and fellow coaching students, I feel I was able to move on.   I have grown and developed and am now enjoying life as an independent single woman who has gratefulness for all of the life lesson I have experienced this year.My Sincerest gratitude goes to Anne and I highly recommend you investigate her Life Coaching Course and see if it is right for you.  It has worked for me!
Kerrie Butler

life coach coursesI would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to put my skills into action through life coaching. This course has filled the gap in my quest to teach what I believe is the purpose of this life. The content of the course was very thorough. The case studies were challenging but an interesting exercise. The guest speakers were enlightening. And you Anne, came from the heart, and empowered us to go out into the world with confidence. Thank you.Having never done a course by teleconferencing, I was a little apprehensive how telephone training would work. I need not have worried. The lecturers presented relevant, time and useful material, with positive energy and passion that was inspirational.

Carmel Petcos, Melbourne

Judith BaxterI wanted to tell you how very much I appreciate your help and your wisdom.  While I have been coaching for a while mostly in an informal manner, the steps and your advice makes the whole thing so much simpler.  Your ten steps make so much sense and the fact that they came out of your own experiences make them so much stronger.I admire what you have achieved in your life and you are an inspiration to all.  I admire your tenacity, your ‘stickability’ and all your abilities.  You have certainly helped make my life easier and through you I have expanded my horizons, my goals and my dreams.

Judith Baxter

life coach coursesI am thoroughly enjoying the course the information and exercises. They are so  valuable for myself at this stage before I even commence with any clients.  The audio’s are wonderful – I can listen to them as I travel to and from work each day. Working with my three chosen values I have found to be most exceptional – I have found it challenging but very very rewarding.


Kathy Parker

life coach coursesI would like to personally thank you from the bottom of my heart because your vision and passion for life coaching has encouraged people like myself to follow in your footsteps. Reading your books has given me a greater understanding of the importance of listening to your heart rather than your head. I know year head is useful for many a think but if you didn’t listen to your heart there would be no passion.


Sue Phillips

Fiona Christie1We played a Christmas conversation game with a friend of mine over the Christmas break and one of the questions was ‘who has had the most influence over your life, and why’.  I have that a lot of thought and my answer was ‘you’ – Anne Hartley – and the why was: because if I hadn’t done the coaching course, I probably wouldn’t have ended my first marriage. If I hadn’t done that I would never have experienced the joy of living on my own. If I hadn’t done that I never would have done all the renovation work that I loved and hated at the same time. I never would have met Barry – my husband and I never would have realised my dream of making such a difference for myself and others.

Fiona Christie

life coach coursesI’d like to thank you Anne, for providing such an inspiring, detailed and all-encompassing approach to Life Coaching. Your Heart Process is such a strong foundation for the work we do as coaches, as well as being such a great guide for our own personal journeys. I have really enjoyed your coach training Classes and loved the fact that they are tele-classes, so I could dial in from anywhere. Thanks again.


Cathy Halliday

Joanne WilloughbyThe Ten Steps gave me another tool to add to therapy, as I now teach my clients life skills. Doing the course brought about a great deal of positive change in my own life and the Ten Steps have worked for my clients as well. I particularly enjoyed doing a course over the telephone, it was so easy and saved me so much time. The interaction with others, and practise coaching sessions were great.


Joann Willoughby, Farley Hypnotherapist / Reiki Master / Accredited Life Coach

life coach coursesI feel very confident about the course we are doing with you. I enjoy it immensely and it has made a difference to my own life already.



Michelle Kandiliotis

Annie2006My own Life Coaching career arose from being a client of Anne Hartley’s. After spending years studying personal development I was looking for more and certainly found it with Anne’s 10 Step Life Coaching process. The process is simple, concise and so effective. Confronting all the steps and working with my own values has empowered me in every aspect of my life. Anne is a seriously committed coach, and trainer. Drawing from her incredible life journey she shares her wisdom and guides whether it be a client or a student in the direction of their dreams. The accredited Life Coach training is thorough, and balanced between hands on and theory. I enjoyed the course immensely, and became especially passionate about the time allowed for questions and discussion. I also found it was invaluable to be trained by someone who is actually working in the field at the time. I would highly recommend Anne as a coach or as a trainer of trainers. I would also like to thank her personally for all the books she has written. They are brilliant.
Annie Miller 

life coach coursesI have seen that change come about through the choices I make freely, not through outside pressures, or expectations of others, for that creates internal conflict, but by the day-by-day decisions and by demonstrating who I am, i.e. my authentic self.Having trained under Anne as a Life Coach, I can testify that putting what I have learnt in this course into practice, has impacted my life enormously. I have learnt to know myself more clearly, why I behave in a certain way, how I interpret situations, why I react in a certain way, my internal dialogue, the way I prepare myself for difficult situations, all through the lens of Love the Life You Live and who I am as a person.

My journey is a continuing one, and I would encourage anyone who is prepared to do a little work looking within, to join me on that journey.
Valerie McLean

Anne’s Ten Step Process of Life Coaching came to me at exactly the right time in my life. I have found that working with the values and beliefs has been immensely empowering for me. I am not someone who can start with a goal and work towards it in a linear fashion. The Ten Step Process is inspiring and has led to amazing “Aha!” moments constantly as I finally find my true self and capabilities. Clients have expressed enthusiastically to me that working with this process has enabled them to overcome hurdles and obstacles in their life even from the very first session. I would strongly recommend this process to anyone who wants to improve the quality of their life, to achieve their dreams (whether they know what they are or not) and find happiness.
Sue Peel

life coach coursesI find the teleconferencing very effective, you don’t have to leave the comforts of your own home to be involved in a class (which I love!) and it feels as though you are all somehow in the same space anyway. Even though so far apart in distance. Being a lover of freedom, it’s also great that I am able to travel anywhere within Oz or even when home in NZ and know that I am still able to commit to the call weekly, wherever I am.


Leanne Morton

life coach coursesThe course was fun, life changing and challenging at times. When you live by what Anne teaches Life flows so easily.



Nerida Hedges

life coach coursesAnne uses and teaches an amazing holistic coaching process. “Normal” coaching is already itself a transformational process. Add to that some HEART – the conscious choice of your deepest values, being supported in your needs, and understanding yourself – and coaching in any area of your life becomes “supercharged” This is what happens when you are coached using the Hart Life coaching process.

Since my mid 20s, I have always been very healthy, had an abundance of energy, and enjoyed a rich spiritual life. THEN, I was totally blown away by the amazing feelings of love, wellness and wholeness that I experienced when I did some sessions of Hart Life coaching with Sue Matthew, during her training as a life coach with Anne. Using the Hart Life process, so many things in my life just fell into place – things which many people might use multiple sessions of counselling for. In fact, I found it so amazing that I did the coaches training with Anne so that I could pass this transformational work on to the people I serve. The coaching training was thorough and insightful and the structure of the coaching course was supportive.

I am so grateful to Anne for her dedication in bringing transformation to so many people’s lives. The coaching process she has developed brings amazing results, and Anne very generously continues to share her wisdom and insights.
Alice Kleinsman

life coach coursesThe training material was easy to understand. I really benefit from the online tutorial for each subject, these were both entertaining and educational. The teleconferences were very beneficial to receive instant feedback and gave us a discussion platform.


Jenny Clough

life coach coursesI found that having reading material, videos and teleconferences on the same material was such a fantastic way to learn as it covered all ways of learning and the repetition reinforced the learning for me. The course content is life changing, learning about behaviour, personalities and ways to change or enhance these has been rewarding, positive and encouraging.


Rachel Dickey

life coach coursesThe training support was very kind, caring and nurturing. This provided the perfect environment to learn and grow.



Lucinda Jones

life coach coursesThe course content was fantastic, I loved all elements of it and found it really informative. I learnt so much while also building on my previous knowledge and skills. I really liked the originality of a lot of the content. The whole team are great. Anne is always ready to offer help and support and any questions/issues are promptly resolved. We were always encouraged and given individual support. I loved the range of different formats the training provided so we could work at our own pace.

Sharyna Sharman

life coach coursesThe training material was very thorough. The manual provided excellent reference and a source of information to refer back to. The course content was varied, relevant with extra references to research to assist with knowledge overall. The training support was very prompt.


Jill Andrews