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Our nationally, and internationally recognised, life coach training course offers you a highly desirable skill set that enables you, as a life coach, to help others realise their full potential. Life coaching is not counselling or therapy. It’s not advice giving. It’s listening, understanding and questioning, then shifting the client’s perspective to release the potential for change that they already have within them.

It is easy to say that we have all the answers within us, but some people have no idea how to access their inner wisdom. Many people have never been taught life skills. They don’t know how to access what makes their heart sing or how to gain clarity, use their intuition or live by values.

Most life coaching schools teach a NLP or SMART goal approach. The Heart Process, our coaching model encompasses teaching life skills. It is a wholistic, or some call it a spiritual approach to life. Our course in based on understanding yourself, living a heart centred life and recognising the gifts you have to share. It’s about living by values.

A lot of people teach values in their courses, but not in the way we do. We show people how to use them in a way that transforms their life. This is what makes Hart Life Coaching’s approach to life coaching unique and life changing. It’s simple, powerful, and proven, which is why it’s in demand. But not only do we teach you a coaching model we show you how to coach, as this is something that is often misunderstood. Life coaching is not about advice giving, you don’t have to have all the answers or live a perfect lif, it is about questioning, listening and supporting a client to make a shift, and you will learn how to do this in our course.


A message from Anne Hartley

Life coach trainingI never set out to own a life coach training school, I was happy being a life coach! But over time I recognised how my coaching model, The Heart Process, which had so transformed my own life did the same for my clients.

An experience always means more if we can share it with others, and that’s what I felt compelled to do. Since I first started Hart Life Coaching, the training school in 1999, I’ve had many graduates tell me just how life changing our process is. Time and again they have seen the positive effects that it brings to their clients’ lives just as I have, and they’ve felt the happiness that it brings to their own. I am passionate about life coaching. Watching a client blossom and grow because I have helped them gain clarity is a delight. Seeing them take control, clearing away the obstacles that inhibit them and establishing habits that support them makes it the most fulfilling work I have ever done.

You could experience this too, and I hope you will join us. Our life coach training program is outstanding and we offer you unlimited support. As well as helping people gain clarity and adopt some great life skills, we show you how to develop your perception. With time and training you’ll become attuned to the frequent clues that people unwittingly leave about what’s holding them back, so you’ll be better able to help them.

Life coaching is not about giving advice though, or solving a client’s problems for them. It is about empowering them to do it for themselves. Our program is based on solid values and we walk our talk. We teach mindfulness and meditation because we have found that they effectively counteract stress, and we practice these skills ourselves. In this way, we’re still like students ourselves (and always will be), seeking out what helps and passing it on.

As enthusiastic as we are about life coaching, you won’t get the hard sell. Everything you need to know is right on this page, but do give me a call on the number shown at the top of the page if you want to talk any of it over. I look forward to your call.

Anne Hartley

How our life coach training course is conducted

Our course is a mixture of online learning supported by weekly teleconference calls which are interactive and we can all see and speak to each other. These sessions are held by phone at 7.30pm AEDT, but if you live in a time zone that prohibits attendance of classes at that time just let us know as we can often have some people who want to do a daytime class. This time often suits some overseas time zones better.

As a general guideline if you want to work through the course quickly you can do so in six months, if you want to take more time you can complete it in twelve months. If you wish to receive Australian national recognition, not just the International Coach Federation recognition, you will need to complete the course by 6/1/19.

Teleconference calls generally run between an hour to an hour and a half, and are held once a week.

What does the course cost?

We like to be totally transparent in all our dealings so we don’t make you sign up to a mailing list to find up what our course costs.

The cost of our course ranges from $4590 to $4990, depending upon the payment plan you choose. When you compare this to other career courses which cost that much per term, it’s a very reasonable fee for a recognised qualification. 2017 Payments Plans Version 2.3. And if you are enquiring from outside of Australia, you will probably find with exchange rates our course cost is very reasonable. The payments for the special offer may be a few dollars different than the payment plan schedule depending which option you choose. These fees can be viewed on the enrolment form.

You can start the course at any time.


 What you Get with our Life Coach Training Course

  • Nationally recognised training (see notes on accreditation below)
  • ICF approved training
  • Unlimited support
  • Training in the Heart Process Coaching Model
  • Training in how to coach
  • Coach mentoring and supervision
  • A ton or resources in the form of videos, audios and workbooks to support your training
  • Quizzes and exercises to use with clients
  • 12 months to complete the course, although it can be done in less
  • No additional charges – our course fees are all inclusive
  • A number of payment plans and if none suit you can check with us and we may be able to tailor one for you
  • A course which is approved for Austudy and Abstudy



The international industry standard set by the International Coach Federation, and our course has been approved by them and their logo is on the certificate of our graduates.

Hart Life coaching is a registered training organisation (no. 40832). By studying our Certificate IV in Life Coaching (10382NAT) you gain a nationally recognised qualification. However, we will only be offering this accreditation to all students who complete all course requirements by 4 January 2019. We have decided not to renew our accreditation when it falls due as we feel the ICF approval if more relevant to our industry.

If you have any concerns at to timing please talk to us.

Life coach training

Our Course Curriculum

Cluster 1 – the Heart Process coaching model

Unit 1. Apply need fulfilment strategies in a life coaching role
Unit 2. Identify and incorporate personality archetypes in a life coaching role
Unit 3. Establish character traits and apply their use in a life coaching role
Unit 4. Apply strategies to build self esteem
Unit 5. Establish habits that aid goal achievement
Unit 6. Incorporate relaxation and meditation practices in a life coaching role

Cluster 2 – How to Coach
Unit 7. Identify and address specific client needs
Unit 8. Coach clients using the Heart Process coaching model
Unit 9. Apply critical thinking techniques
Unit 10. Apply a range of coaching models to enhance coaching skills
Laser coaching/Supervised coaching
All students are appointed an individual mentor to support them. Additional coaching practice is required in your own time outside of classes. 

Cluster 3 – Business Success
You need only choose one of these units, although you have access to both. This unit is done online.

Unit 11 BSBSMB403A Market the small business
Unit 12 ICAWEB201A Use social media for collaboration and engagement


We assess competency in three ways: orally, in writing and by supervision of coaching. A lot of this is covered as you work through the course so there is no need to attend end of course exams. Written assignments are submitted as you work through the course.

Preview our course

Accreditation: Nationally Recognised TrainingApproved Coach Specific Training Hours
RTO no.40832. Certificate IV in Life Coaching (10382NAT). This course has been approved by the International Coach Federation.
Duration: Average time for completion is 9 – 12 months, but it can be completed in less.
Fees: $4590 – $4990 (depending on payment plan
Formats: Teleconference
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Still have questions? Click here for answers to the most commonly asked questions, or call our office on +61 2 9940 1575, we are always happy to chat with you.

You can train from anywhere in the world

Most of the people who train with us are from Australia and New Zealand, and we have also had students from Pakistan, Africa, Luxembourg, Italy, The Maldives and UK.

Call today, and release your potential in a career that will give as much as you do.


Irene Wilkinson Life coach Luxembourg
“The evening that I found Hart Life Coaching school I was literally at my wit’s end as to where my life was going. I had looked to America to find the kind of Life coaching that resonates with my heart but instead I found it at the other end of the world, Australia. The Heart Process that I trained with Anne Hartley has offered me a new lease of life, honest tools to bounce back when stuck. Now I feel I am personally responsible for what and how much I can achieve in my life. There are a few people in this world that you truly feel are meant to do what they are doing. From her hard work, I have found a career in it. What better giving can there be than this.”

Irene Wilkinson life coach, Luxembourg


Become a part of our life coaching community

Even though most of our life coach training is classed as distance training it is amazing how many of our graduates form friendships. During the course you are assigned an accountability buddy, which is another student, and you get to coach each other during the course.

Connecting with like-minded people is an important part of achieving happiness, so why not get involved in our community? We encourage students and graduates to attend any of the face to face functions that we hold from time to time.

Cert IV in Life Coaching (10382NAT)

If you would like more information on our life coach training course, please call us on: +61 2 9940 1575. Or fill in our contact form and we will be happy to call you back at a time that suits you.

You can also find more information on our frequently asked questions page.

E: hart@hartlifecoaching.com.au F: +61 2 9940 2091 M: P O Box 769, Mona Vale NSW 1660 Australia

If you are ready to enrol, please complete the form below and send it to us.

Call today, and release your potential in a career that will give as much as you do.



Life coach Irena CatherallEven though the change of career was a later one in life for me, it has been by far the most personal and profound one I have ever made. You gain insight about yourself and develop values which are important to you, in order to live a happier life. I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone interested in becoming a Life Coach, as it is indeed life changing.

Irena Catherall

Matt Mason life coachWhen I was looking for a suitable life coaching course Hart Life Coaching’s course instantly felt like the perfect one for me. And now that I have almost completed the course I couldn’t be happier with my decision. The Hart Life Coaching course has been so much more than I was hoping for and I feel like I am now truly living my life’s purpose. The content is astoundingly effective and the method of delivery flexible to suit anyone.

Matt Mason